Mystery shopper


An interesting one from Brownhills George. I don’t know the answer, so why not click on the image to visit his gallery and comment your answer?

Here’s a quick one. The ever-fascinating Brownhills George has made yet more additions to his Panoramio gallery, one of them being this image. Underneath it, in the description, he asks:

An Empty Shop. Who’s shop does it become and where is it?

So get to it, folks. I haven’t a clue. Pop along to the image page and comment away.

Thanks again to George, for providing such a wonderful selection of photos.

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  1. emell says:

    Just had a conformation from Mr.Tom Starbuck,that my suspicions were correct that the shop was a Butchers Shop ( note the open grill above the door for ventilation,hanging rails and scales are visible ) belonging to Mr.Alan Bird.The shop was situated on the high street opposite the old Post Office,just before the turn off to Church Road.

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