Ghosts on tape

Old mucker [Howmuch?], fresh from a morning rootling around the Chasewater Transport Show on Sunday, was inspired to go trawling  for interesting Chasewater related historical footage on the internet when he got home.

He found four great videos, three were wonderfully nostalgic and the fourth that left me slack-jawed with a mixture of horror, amusement and embarrassment.

First up is a partial documentary about powerboat racing at Chasewater. It’s posted in the stream of Phil55uk on YouTube, who seems to be a bit of a speedboat fan.

Judging by the hair and fashion, I’d say this was middle to late 1970s. Keep your eye on the backgrounds. Any more info on this would be lovely if anyone knows.

The second clip as also by Phil55uk and shows fascinating footage of the British Powerboat Grand Prix, held at Chasewater in 1976. Note the Stadium in the background, which the following year would be holding motorbike racing.

There’s more about powerboat racing at Chasewater in this post.

Another sport Chasewater was famous for was Go-Kart racing. Here’s a wonderfully evocative 1970 film of the activity at Chasewater’s track – later obliterated by the M6 Toll.

This was posted on YouTube by user Steveskitrip.

This last one has me flummoxed. After the Chasewater Transport Show last year, myself and [Howmuch?] engaged in a little impromptu drain exploration, as the Chasewater overflow arrangements were a hot topic here on the blog at the time.

In my post documenting this, I advised nobody to copy us, but it did seem it had been a regular activity for the yoot for some years. Obviously, my warning wasn’t heeded by MrTechTalk who does a great exploration, which is amusing and good fun.

Thanks, lads. Sorry we’ve only just spotted this – I enjoyed it loads. You even namechecked me! Still, I can’t support this kind of thing. You may be the stars of the blog, but you’re very naughty boys

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7 Responses to Ghosts on tape

  1. Clive says:

    Nice collection of video of good old Chasewaters. Thank you to all involved.

  2. Warrington Cuthbert smyth. says:

    lol, bobs a leg end wiv da yoof.

  3. Peter says:

    blimey…… Beckham’s let himself go a bit hasn’t he?

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  7. Stephen cawley says:

    I think the guy collecting the trophy at the end of the go kart film was Martin anker from ogley road.i went to mill field school with Martin from 1963 to1968.His sister later became a pe teacher at shire oak

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