Pictures from the 2013 Chasewater Transport Show

Today, it was the fifth annual Chasewater Transport Show, and as ever, Helen Borton and co. put on a wonderful event. There was the usual array of old, forgotten and beautiful motors, and although the poor ground conditions had put paid to the heavy commercial vehicles and arena, there was still loads to do and see – in fact the whole thing felt much larger this year.

It was a great day out – with the reservoir refilled and the railway in full swing, the atmosphere was bustling, despite middling weather. There were some brilliant exhibitors, and I met a few good mates, too.

A fine day. Loved every minute.

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7 Responses to Pictures from the 2013 Chasewater Transport Show

  1. Clive says:

    I was there too, Thanks to all who made it possible.
    Great day out indeed.

  2. Rob says:

    The royal blue two-door coupe: is it a Sunbeam or a Jensen?

    Very nice car, would look better without sunroof IMO.

    • WIL8688? Sunbeam Rapier. Beautiful car. Gorgeous thing. I always thought they looked best in black, but after seeing that one, no more.


    • stymaster says:

      It is lovely. With you on the sunroof- don’t like them in general, but of course if it’s been fitted it’s very expensive to undo. Fantastic colour though. I love the black Golf I with a 16v engine and what I reckon are twin Weber DCOEs, and the Audi Ur-Quattro, seemingly completely standard, which is nice.

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  4. Jeepboy says:

    Apart from the exhibitors – there was stunning Nissan Skyline in the car park which caught my eye – could easily have been up for best in show had it been on display !

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