An epic battle unfolds


A fine afternoon of tense footy… all in glorious spring sunshine. Image courtesy David Evans.

Well, The Wood lads did well yesterday, and held the posh chaps from Geurnsey to a 0-0 draw after 120 minutes of what was, by all accounts, tense, entertaining football. Our roving sports correspondent, young David Evans, had this to say:

Thats your lot!

The Wood played well and both sides struggled against the tough pitch conditions… a kind of aerial combat ensued. The Wood came so close so many times to scoring. The Channel Islanders only came as close once or twice but the crossbar was made out of Walsall Wood wood!

Extra time saw both teams more determined, and a faster, more flowing part of the match…

There was a crowd of probably 1,200, mostly sober, but more green than red scarves. Expect most locals like myself were there for the occasion rather than the quality of football.

The Wood played on their home pitch so were used to the unique conditions which affected passes and tackles.

Best shot? Wood player shot and hit the ref who had just blown for something trivial… Ref was so impressed by the shot he took the players phone number which he noted on his yellow card. Oops.

The resulting bruise will be a lasting memento of the triviality of the blow!

More conventional (cough) coverage can be found linked on the wonderful YamYam sport section. There are reports by the BBC and Pitch Side Stories. The replay will take place at Guernsey’s home ground, Footes Lane, next Saturday.

The Brownhills Blog wishes the lads well. It was clearly a tight game and I think Guernsey had more of a battle then they imagined.

Wonderful stuff.


One of several close shaves. Image courtesy David Evans.

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11 Responses to An epic battle unfolds

  1. david oakley says:

    Great report, David, in which the technical stuff and the humour which is always inherent on these
    occasions was well mixed. Two good photos, as well. Glad to see the old stand is still there, must be ‘knockin’ on’ for 90 years old by now.
    The ‘Mail on Sunday’ in listing minor football results, made the F.A. Vase the first one on the list, displacing the Irish Cup and Evo-stick South, so there’s fame, for you !
    Pity your sports reporting duty doesn’t come around too often, David, there must be one or
    two reporters on the national dailies who are looking over their shoulders a little nervously !
    Yes, our little team did us proud. UP, THE WOOD !

  2. Grande Pablo says:

    There could be a vacancy at the BBC now Stuart Hall is otherwise engaged…

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    wife’s already packed my bags, oiled my zimmer-frame and sorted out my passport..if only she wouldn’t laugh so loud!
    “Young” did it, I think…..

    • Judging by rumours reaching me from the stories about the plans for heathland management on the common, I think we might need you hear as a war correspondent.
      Stay tuned…
      (and cheers, that was excellent)

  4. Trevor Brown says:

    Oh what memories from when we were kids, Thanks David, Did you tunnel under the fence behind the stand to get in?, I bet no one new that was how we got in,Der

  5. Peter says:

    Does this mean that the Wood, just like MAN utd and others, are now playing in Europe?

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