When waterways were motorways

Here’s a quick post that may be of interest to blog readers. Spotted by blog reader Nick Elliot and posted on Facebook, I thought these historic information films and photo compilation deserved a wider audience than they might otherwise receive.

Canal history runs through this blog like a vein, and I know readers are particularly interested in the past life of the local waterways. David Evans recent work has highlighted the presence of bargees in Walsall Wood in the late Victorian era.

Sociologically and economically, the waterways – now limpid, peaceful wildlife havens – were key drivers in the industrial revolution. These films deserve a wider audience.

I assume the ‘200 year old film’ came with a small, gas-powered time machine – but the images are great, so I make no apology.

Do check out the original posters on YouTube.

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    thank you for these fascinating videoclips. This vital part of our local history seems to be so under-recorded or documented . There are so many un-answered questions. How was coal off-loaded from the barges? How were the bargees paid? Who owned the barges? Where were the barges made?… for starters.
    I hope that your many readers near and far can contribute to compiling a full record.
    kind regards

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