Those who would attempt to divide us

I, like the vast majority of the Walsall online community, stand shoulder to shoulder with The Plastic Hippo on this.

Hippo is as usual, prescient, pertinent and pitch perfect. The EDL have a right to protest, this country went to war to defend the right for them to do so. We also went to war against the kind of fascism that they espouse.

They say what they say, not in my name, nor that of anyone I know. These people stand for hatred, darkness, fear, ridicule and contempt. They do not speak for the town I know and love.

However, they will chant their hatred because they have the right. Reasonable people will gather and show that whilst they have the right, they are deeply, decidedly wrong.

Keep it clean, folks. We, as a town, know better than to sink to their level. The fascists are transient; the pride of our place is not.

11am, Gallery Square.

The conundrum of democracy.

Not in our name. Click on the screenshot to see the original post.

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