Evil scum

Bike polo. Just one of the great activities happening at The Bike Shed.

I see from an article on the Express & Star website that a cycle charity in Wolverhampton. The Bike Shed, based at Bradmore Recreation Ground, had their premises broken into and five bikes and workshop tools stolen some time last week..

This isn’t a wealthy charity and the bikes weren’t the latest, most sought after models. They were, however, a valuable resource which helps get adults and kids on their bikes, and teaches them how to maintain and fix their steeds. The Bike Shed recycles (pardon the pun) old and donated machines into viable rides for the disadvantaged and youngsters who otherwise wouldn’t have chance to own or ride a bicycle.

What these people could really do with is donations of any old or unwanted bikes you can spare, plus any tools or associated equipment you don’t need. If you have anything, please contact Simon Beech on 07707 522120 or Joe Maggs on 07582 933823.

The Bike Shed have a Facebook page, and also a twitter feed. For other ways to contact them, please see their main website.

It goes without saying that if you know anything about the break in, or the utter bastards who did it, please contact West Midlands Police or Crimestoppers.

Thanks to Steph Jennings over at WV11 for the headsup.

The Express & Star said:

Wolverhampton cycle charity chiefs ‘gutted’ by break-in

Tuesday 19th June 2012, 6:59PM BST.

Yobs broke into a charity’s headquarters in Wolverhampton, stealing bikes and cycling equipment, leaving volunteers devastated.

They today said they were considering stepping up security at Wolverhampton Bike Shed, based at Bradmore Recreation Ground, following the break-in.

Five mountain and BMX bikes were taken, as well as tools to repair bikes, worth in total around £200. Bosses at the charity, which repairs bikes for people free of charge, today said they were ‘gutted’ after the break-in.

Joe Maggs, who runs the charity which also holds cycling sessions for the community, said: ‘We are so disappointed this has happened. We are here for the community and we want to help improve Bradmore Recreation Ground.’

The break-in was discovered by volunteers who went along to the bike shed at the park off Church Road, Bradmore, at the weekend.It has led bosses to think about installing security measures at the base.

Mr Maggs, aged 46, a teacher at Alexandra High School in Sandwell, continued: ‘The city council allows us to use this building free of charge.

‘We are now looking to lease the building off them so we can install some security measures. These people broke the bolts and were able to get inside through some roller shutters.

‘There are a lot of youths that hang around in the evenings but we just do not know who has done this. A team of dedicated volunteers give up their time to help run this charity.’

Mr Maggs revealed the charity had been hoping to expand before the burglary.

She runs the charity with Simon Beech, 47, a civil engineer. Around 15 volunteers help out every other Saturday. The Bike Shed is a community-based project offering bike repairs and recycling. It has been running since February 2010.

The charity relies solely on donations from the public.

From the Express & Star website, 19th June 2012. Click on the image to visit the original story.

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6 Responses to Evil scum

  1. dcevewv says:

    Cars are stolen every day – difference?

    • plop says:


    • There is no difference with any theft. All are abominable and carried out by scum. Do you not give a toss, dcevewv, or would it only matter if it happend to you?

    • stymaster says:

      Don’t be a prick. Cars are not stolen *from charities* every day. If a vehicle is stolen from a charity, I’m sure it would get a mention if Bob heard about it.

      To look at it from the other direction, cycles are stolen every day too- this got mentioned because the theives have targeted a charity. Back under your bridge.

    • Peter says:

      All theft is wrong, it is done by people who either don’t care, or don’t possess the social skills to care. Theft is done by people who can’t be bothered to work for whatever they want. Thieves should be shot.

  2. It is true, dcevewv, that cars are stolen every day. The difference is that when vermin steal bikes and tools from a charity, their action is an attack on society. When vermin steal a car, it is an attack on the owner of private property. The crime is no less abhorent but at least car theft always offers the chance of the scum hitting a telegraph pole and depositing what little brain cells they possess all over the dash board. You seem to be suggesting that theft from a charity is less serious than the indignity of having a penis substitute purloined.

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