Friezand Lane crash: Express & Star reporting at it’s best

Following yesterday’s dreadful crash in Friezland Lane, Brownhills, the story has started to make the local news sites. I note with some amusement that the Express & Star reporter, although apparently being able to find the site of the crash and interviewing the owners of the shop nearby, chose to feature a picture of a bus stop on Lindon Road, a third of a mile away. I have no idea what their  thinking is here…

Consider this, though: if they routinely do this kind of thing, but we don’t have the local knowledge to spot it, how much of their content can be trusted to be accurate?

I won’t comment on the thorny issue of whether the locality is considered to be Brownhills or Walsall Wood. There be monsters…

This photographic oddity was also picked up on Facebook by local lady Cheryl Hirst.

Other coverage can be found at ITV and The Birmingham Post.

From the Express & Star website, Friday, 27th April 2012. Click to visit the story.

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4 Responses to Friezand Lane crash: Express & Star reporting at it’s best

  1. Good job we were able to find the correct location, eh? I guess they decided the actual location (see wasn’t quite ‘sexy’ enough for them…

  2. JeepBoy says:

    Once again living up to their motto – nobody gets you closer ?

  3. oxtop says:

    Did they not notice that the bus shlelter shown has no damage?

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