Information sought on Shire Oak car vandalism incident

I was contacted yesterday by reader Mitch Battison, who relayed news of a nasty act of vandalism on the Chester road at Shire Oak on Friday, the 20th April 2012. It seems that at 10:33pm, a white BMW 1 series vehicle with blacked out windows pulled up, three males got out, and smashed his mother’s car windows.

The car believed to be involved in the attack caught on CCTV. Did you see this car at around 10:30pm on Friday, 20th April 2012? Image supplied by Mitch Battison.

Mitch has no idea why the attack occurred, and the police have been informed, although as of last night, when he contacted me, they had yet to pick up the CCTV footage which had been ready for them at the shop since the Saturday after the incident.

Please,  if you have any information at all about this horrid attack, if you witnessed something or have any information at all, please contact Walsall Police or Crimestoppers. If you’d rather, pass details to me and I’ll pass them on. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Such crime is very, very rare in Brownhills and I’m surprised that the police don’t seem to be faster onto it. If any cops are reading this, I have contact details if required.

The damaged vehicle. Please do contact the police if you have any information. Image supplied by Mitch Battison.

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  1. That is nasty and taking into account the CCTV I’m surprised (yes really) the cops haven’t jumped onto it.

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