Freizland Lane accident: Statement from West Midlands Ambulance Service

I’ve just received this update from West Midlands Ambulance service.

Thursday 26th April – 9.00pm – Suzie Fothergill.

Six teenagers have been injured following a road traffic collision in Brownhills this afternoon.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the incident at the junction of Lindon View and Friezland Lane in Walsall Wood shortly before 3.15pm today.

Three ambulances, an ambulance officer and the Midlands Air Ambulance from Cosford were dispatched to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “Crews were called to reports of a car that had been in collision with a number of pedestrians at a bus stop.

“On arrival at the scene crews found six teenage pedestrians, two girls and four boys, that had become injured in the collision.

“One of the teenage boys was treated at the scene for a fractured leg before being conveyed to Walsall Manor Hospital.

“The five other casualties were all treated for minor injuries. Ambulance crews conveyed two of five patients to Walsall Manor hospital for further assessment and treatment.”

My sympathies to all involved.

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9 Responses to Freizland Lane accident: Statement from West Midlands Ambulance Service

  1. Rich Burnell says:

    wonder if WMP will insist the pedestrians are partially to blame for not moving out of the way? Hope that all parties make a full recovery.

    • Hello, Rich. Good to see you back in the parish. Miss your ready wit…



      • Rich Burnell says:

        Bob, I am indeed back in the parish. I hope you will forgive my hiatus, I have remained an avid blog reader & am now back on Twitter. In particular your comment on a previous post that… “Anything in latin sounds profound, but is usually bullshit” just brought me back in to active service!

  2. Doopster says:

    The whole scenario of cars and puplis exiting that school has frightened me for years, it’s carnage every afternoon. It badly needs something doing.

  3. Julie Le-Moine says:

    It’s been like it for years and years……….I saw the mayhem it caused today, it was frightening. lots of frightened and worried kids and parents. It needs addressing…..

  4. karen j says:

    Let us all be grateful that the injuries were not life threatening and lets hope that something may well be done regarding the safety of all,children and adults alike on such a worrying stretch of road!

  5. Peter K says:

    As said already been like this for years now, thank goodness the coaches were stopped from going up to the school some time ago. Not sure what the remedy is? Traffic Free Zones at certain times of the day perhaps? Anyone who knows the area knows to avoid the area of Friezland Lane and surrounding streets at “kicking out” time if at all possible.

  6. Annie says:

    I live in Collins Road and have done so for twenty years but the picking up and dropping off at school has been really bad this year .As the sixth form are not allowed to park there cars in the school grounds we have them in the street ,and mothers start arriving a good hour or so before kicking out time to collect the children .The streets are not wide enough for nose to tail parking, and as for them parking all round Adams road out side the home its just waiting to happen .

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