Pictures from the 2012 Chasewater Transport Show

You know what the trouble with modern cars is? No vinyl bench front seats. Cram a beleaguered father in one end, and four kids, a small, yappy dog and a bag of sticky, aged pear drops and we're off to Rhyl. No messing. You just don't get that with a Ford Focus.

Well, the day came, and as I always do I pottered up to Chasewater to kick a few tyres, dream a few dreams and ponder over the cars of my youth. I love the Chasewater Transport Show, and as ever, Helen Borton and co. put on a wonderful event. There was the usual array or old, forgotten and beautiful motors, and utility vehicles ranging from the Green Goddess to an old Chase Coach. There were a huge variety of cars, motorbikes, trucks and even bicycles.

I drooled over some old Raleigh choppers, and remembered the rides as a kid in an old Zephyr, children wedged into the bench front seat. I marvelled at the immaculate restorations and loving care lavished on otherwise once mundane cars, now rendered classics. The south shore of Chasewater thronged with people. The weather was good, despite a cold wind, and Brownhills seemed to be having a good time.

I implore Helen to bring the show back to Chasewater next year, although I could understand why she might not do so, with the trouble she’s experienced this year. Today, the park was alive with people. I met good friends with every turn, watched folk exploring not just the show, but the whole place. The dam was open and busy, and people seemed to be really engaging with the surroundings.

A fine day. Loved every minute. Even though I spent most of the afternoon in a drain. More of that later…

I was so tempted to buy this as a project. Very tempted indeed...

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11 Responses to Pictures from the 2012 Chasewater Transport Show

  1. theaardvark says:

    That would be a real shame if this year’s was the last. My other half is organising a Family & Vintage Fair at Chasewater railway this year on 24th June and was at Chasewater getting some promo shots for it.
    The spent some time in the Transport Show and were considering discussing tying the two events together next year, or at least cross-promoting them as I’m sure there would be quite a large overlap of interested people.

  2. Looks like a good day, apologies again to everyone affected by us having to shut down the A5 just at the same time that everyone was wanting to use that very stretch of road to get to the show itself. There’d been a fairly serious crash but hopefully everyone was able to find their way around and enjoyed the event.

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  4. stefan GMWM says:

    was a great day out, my car club had a stand on the main field and there was a great turn out all around, hopefully it will still be at chasewater next year. And PC Stanley, there is no need to say sorry it was a very sad accident but i’m sure everybody understood why it needed to be closed

  5. Mike Hawes says:

    These are great pictures , I wish I had been there but I had to go to Leeds . You should have treated yourself to the moped bike. I often see those electric bikes on my travels.

    Love the Harvest Gold Marina , my dad had one that colours , one of three he owned in the 70’s, great cars regardless of whats said they never let him down. Hats off to the Car collectors and the clubs , they put a lot of work into those cars. I once showed my wifes rare GT beetle in the early 90’s but compared to the others it was tat!

  6. Wayne says:

    This year was my first visit o the Chasewater transport show and I must say I was extremely impressed one of the best shows i have been to, a fantastic day out surrounded by stunning classic and vintage vehicles alongside modern and future classics. I do hope Helen brings the show back to Chasewater next year, it really is a fantastic day out and I’d recommend it to anyone whether they have an interest in the vehicles or not. 10/10 for Helen and everybody else involved in organising and running the show.

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  10. Mike says:

    Is there going to be a show this year and if there is one what is the date and time and directions to it please

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