Accident on the A5, Watling Street in Brownhills yesterday

The accident yesterday on the A5 in Brownhills. Picture from the Express & Star.

It seems that yesterday morning, a motorcyclist was involved in a collision with a car at the Parade Junction in Brownhills. It is apparent that the rider was attending the Chasewater Transport Show. I know lots of you are seeking information on this unfortunate event, and the Express & Star currently have a report on the matter. It’s a bit muddled, but all info is there if you read the full article.

PC Richard Stanley, top twittering rozzer and friend of the Brownhills Blog, commented this on yesterday’s photo post of the show:

Looks like a good day, apologies again to everyone affected by us having to shut down the A5 just at the same time that everyone was wanting to use that very stretch of road to get to the show itself. There’d been a fairly serious crash but hopefully everyone was able to find their way around and enjoyed the event.

This should serve as a reminder to all: lets be careful out there. The roads are mental sometimes. My sympathies to the bereaved and a hearty ‘get well soon’ everyone hurt in yesterday’s accidents.

From the Express & Star website, Monday, April 16th 2012. Click to visit the original article.
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  • The two who died couldn’t have been wearing seatbelts as the car is still *intact* , it’s E class merc and they are like tanks.

    Came across an accident today , Biker knocked off in Smethwick, I’d bee at that spot earlier in the day taking a photo of the old church. It all looked very serious with many people helping and the road covered in wreckage.

    My time working in A&E in Good Hope in the early 80’s put me off motorbikes for life, and bad driving!


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