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Late to the party as ever, I notice there’s a great blog for Clayhanger. It’s been about for a couple of years, but sadly, it slipped well under my radar. I spotted it today thanks to the magic of Walsall’s premier news-hub The YamYam, still plugging away, collecting the very best in Walsall news and blogs.

The Clayhanger Review – it turns out – is written by top bloke Michael Cronogue who I’ve been chatting to on Twatter for absolutely ages, and he’s never mentioned it. Which is sad, because it’s a great read! This is a man of fairly prodigious output, who also curates the Black Country Londoner blog and  also writes for a couple of other blogs. He’s a top chap who talks sense, and I’m only sorry I hadn’t spotted his work sooner. Michael, you need to shout about what you’re doing more, you really do.

How can I have missed this for so long? Click on the screenshot to visit The Clayhanger Review - it's a top read.

I note that Michael has been prompted into print by the laughable state of the 33 bus service through the village, something that’s generated quite a bit of adverse comment lately. I noticed the following letter in the Express & Star on the 25th February, and have been awaiting a chance to bring it to a wider audience, it really is neat. If the writer is reading this, please do get in touch. Made me laugh, I can tell you. Lovely work.

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