Plane bizarre

Here’s one from the odd box: spotted by local history whizz Stuart ‘The Edditer’ Williams, curator of the superlative Bloxwich Telegraph. Do any readers remember this? First mention of the event I’ve ever seen. A remarkable occurrence, which must have been the talk of the town for days.

Cheers to Stuart for this truly remarkable find. His work at Walsall Local History Centre is massively appreciated here on the Brownhills Blog, and for anyone interested in local history, do get your backsides over to the centre in Essex Street. It’s an excellent, largely free service that Walsall should be proud of. Stuart, Paul and the team do excellent work for the history and community of Walsall, and this blog couldn’t function without their support.

Any recollections of this – or any other Brownhillian dramas – please don’t hesitate to comment or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Can't have been so many trees around back then, and is that the first photographic record of the Holland Park Bandstand to feature here on the Brownhills Blog? From the Walsall Observer, 15th May 1959. Cheers to Stuart Williams for the clipping.

From the Walsall Observer, 15th May 1959. Click for a larger version. Cheers to Stuart Williams for the spot.

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3 Responses to Plane bizarre

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  2. Remember that, they came and collected it in a long trailer, either white or Aluminium. Not quite sure after all this time.

  3. John Daft says:

    I remember it too Mike. It came to rest just short of the slope down to the old toilets. It couldn’t land there now, with all those trees on the Parade.

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