New kids on the block

I’d like to take time out to welcome a new blog on the scene in Brownhills.

I noticed last night that a new blogger journal had been set up by Brownhills Barry and Clayhanger Clive, and they seem interested in local history and local current affairs.It’s good to have another addition to the burgeoning local online community. I wish both chaps well in their new project. They have a Panoramio site and a twitter feed, too.

Nice to see the Bing! maps header, too. Wonder where that idea came from?

Seriously, though, if you chaps would like to get in touch I’d be happy do do an online interview and feature you here on the Brownhills Blog. The growing interest in local history is a wonderful thing. That’s BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot Com. Look forward to hearing from you.

Click on the image to vista Barry & Clive’s site.



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2 Responses to New kids on the block

  1. BrownhillsBob,

    I would like to take the time and thank you kindly for your post informing people of my new blog. The gesture has put a smile on my face and I now feel officially welcomed into the local online community of Brownhills.

    I have followed your intriguing and fascinating blog since it’s creation all those moons ago and have continued to watch how it has evolved overtime… into the bohemeth that it has now become. I believe you excelled with informing the community of the latest news and fascinating facts of the history of this area. As a result of this… you have inspired me to attempt a blog of my own.

    I hope to become as successful and popular as yourself… the one & only… original brownhills blogger!

    Again… many thanks for your kind words and links to my blog.


  2. Hi Barry.

    I’m just a transient. The community tells its own story. The important thing is that the story is retained, searchable and as complete as possible.

    Best wishes, and looking forward to reading your blog


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