Finally woken

At long last, spring appears to be here. All around, there are signs of a delayed mother nature hurriedly obeying her biological imperative. I don’t think I’ve ever seen snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils in bloom at the same time, and I don’t think that their cheery sight has ever really been so welcome to me. It’s been a long, cold winter of cycling, and finally, the darkness is reaching its’ end. I’m now commuting to and from work in daylight and the clocks go forward at the weekend. With the subtle change in green hues on the verges and hedgerows, can summer be far away?

Frogs doing what comes naturally, Castle Ring, Staffordshire. 1:46pm, Sunday 21st March 2010.

Crocus after a short spring shower, Lullington, Derbyshire. 1:27pm, Saturday, 20th March 2010.

Frogs were spawning enthusiastically in the brook between Jeffrey's Swag and Chasewater. 1:09pm, Sunday, 21st March 2010.

A nesting swan, seemingly very early. Trent & Mersey Canal, Bishton, Staffordshire, 3:59pm, Sunday, 14th March 2010.

A blanket of spring blooms adorns the grounds of the church. Lullington, Derbyshire, 1:23pm, Saturday, 20th March 2010.

Seeing daffodils always gladdens my heart after the bleak winter. Lullington, Derbyshire, 1:26pm, Saturday 20th March 2010.

Frog soup. Never seen so many in one small pond. Castle Ring, Staffordshire, 1:47pm, Sunday, 21st March 2010.

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