Transport Museum move to Aldridge, but they need your help!

Reader and top bloke David Evans has contacted me with an urgent appeal from the folk behind Aston Manor Road Transport Museum, which as many of you will be aware, is moving to Nothgate, Aldridge very soon. David forwarded an email sent out to readers of the Aldridge and Streetly newsletter by Aldridge-Web webmaster Alan Neath, which I include below. Please help if you can. If you want to know more about this interesting and worthwhile collection, you could do worse than read Stymaster’s account of his visit to the Witton site last summer.

Today I have been speaking to the Financial Director of Aston Manor Road Transport Museum who are in the process of a move into Aldridge…see below

A superb Dennis van: just one of the many cracking exhibits curated by the museum.

Aston Manor Road Transport Museum has relocated with all it’s Historic vehicles & Buses from Birmingham to Aldridge in the Former Jack Allen dustcart production line building off Northgate. Geoff Lusher, museum chairman, and Richard Gray the finance director hope that the move to Aldridge will be be the start of a secure future for the Bus Museum, but nothing is formalised yet and the future is still uncertain. Volant Passenger Vehicle Solutions, the company which owns the Aldridge site near Walsall, hopes to convert it from a bus refurbishment business into a bus manufacturing site. The company has given the museum an initial six months rent free with the hope of a 10-year lease to follow. Matt Shenton, from Volant, said: “The museum will be located into one half of the building and the other side of the building will be where our production line will be. “There will be viewing areas where you can look through and actually see the production in progress.”

Can you Help… or do you know some body who can help ?

Richard Gray from the museum told me today….

We are getting very close to moving the final items out of the Witton premises, but with Christmas and a request to hand over the keys to the premises back to the City Council on the 28th, we still have some heavy and awkward items to move away.

These include some display cabinets, a telephone box, Bundy clocks, one of which is complete, a wheeling machine and some work benches.

There is also the small issue of a tram body but I feel there is a major logistical problem at the Aldridge end to actually get it inside the section of building we may eventually occupy as a new museum.

What we require is a forklift capable of lifting weights up to half a ton.

(Ignoring the tram, which is probably around 5 tons).

Then a suitable vehicle to lift these on to, with the forklift available at the Aldridge end to reverse the process.

While I hardly expect anyone to offer to assist on Christmas Day, I certainly can be available on any other day up to and including the 28th if necessary, if by any chance someone has the means to move these items.

We would not expect this to be done for free, but at a reasonable price.

Anyone able, capable and have the equipment to help?

My home phone no. is 0121 – 449 4606 (also a fax) should you want to talk further about this.

Bob’s note: You can also contact them via Facebook.

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  1. Graeme Fisher says:

    I visited the museum a week before the Aston site closed. They have some wonderful stuff, and this collection should be kept together. Please help them if you can.

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