Google Streetview comes to Brownhills

Fiddling with Google Earth this evening, I’ve noticed with some delight that the Streetview feature has been enabled for huge sections of our local area. For anyone intrinsically nosey, like me, this is set to provide hours of amusement.

Google Earth. To enable Street View, ensure it's box is ticked in the layers menu, bottom left, and then click on any of the yellow and black camera symbols to be transported to a different, but familiar, perspective. The version shown is for the Apple Mac, but the Windows version is just the same.

At initial sight, the area covered by the feature seems massive and stretches down to very minor side streets. The images seem to have been taken during last summer, but it’ll take me a while to work out exactly when.

[Edit 1:36Am, March 11th 2010] It looks like most of the images of Brownhills were from Thursday, 11th June 2009, sometime around late afternoon. Here’s the reasoning: Kids are travelling away from secondary schools. Newsagents boards record the story of two dead scrap tatters, which can be found on the Express & Star website here. Moreover, Shire Oak Reservoir hasn’t yet been demolished (July 2009).

If you find anything of note, please comment here…

If you haven’t already got Google Earth, it’s free, fun and just eats time. You can get a copy by visiting the download site. Be prepared to see your world in a completely different way.

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2 Responses to Google Streetview comes to Brownhills

  1. Roger Jones says:

    Its live on Google Maps as well as Earth.

  2. Paul says:

    Me and the wife are on there we were outside st. james school waiting to wave one of the children off on a school trip at around 9:20 am we noticed the ‘google car’ pass us. Glad to see its live now and will have great fun looking around

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