Christmas is coming…

Tomorrow, there’s a great Christmas Market scheduled in the Posh People’s Principality of Pelsall. The Pelsall Christmas Market is usually a corker, and this year, there’s to be a two-day ice rink for the kids, to boot. That’s right – Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, there will be more than 40 stalls, street entertainment, funfair rides and all the usual stuff, including Santa – which I’m assuming isn’t a typo for Satan. To be honest, some of the rumours I’ve heard, either is possible.

Seriously, if you can, get over there and have fun. It all kicks off at 10:30am, and is opened by Walsall Mayor Garry Perry, which is nice. For this, and other information about our more refined neighbours over The Swag, I suggest you follow Pelsall’s very own Common People blog, run by the wonderful Jayne Howarth – she’s a proper journalist and everything. It’s a cracking read and has a lively community on Facebook.

Just have your visas ready for inspection when you visit, and no courting the locals… breakages *will* be paid for.

I was utterly unaware that Pelsall had it's own Mayor - so there you go.

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