Down in the bog

Sorry for the patchy nature of the updates lately, I’m a bit busy with work and stuff at the moment, so please bear with me. Normal service will be resumed in a week or so.

In the mean time, I totally missed this on the excellent site of Chasewater Wildlife Group. It seems that often forgotten and under-appreciated are of the park – Norton Bog – is finally getting some love. Few from the south of Chasewater ever venture into the bit north of the railway and explore the copses and woodlands there, which, like the rest of the SSSI, team with wildlife.

If you can, please help these fine people out. They need volunteers for work parties and stuff, and it’ll be an excellent chance for budding wildlife buffs to learn from the old hands.

In the brouhaha over the dam and draining of the lake, the formation of the expanded SSSI has largely been missed by all but the wildlife wonks. Next time you’re up there, check out the bog and the lesser known corners of the park. It’s brilliant.

My apologies to Graham Evans for overlooking this.

Norton Bog is a misunderstood, often forgotten area of Chasewater, particularly by those from south of the park.

Graham Evans, of Chasewater Wildlife Group, posted this on their News Page.

The ‘Friends of Norton Bog’ meeting at Norton Canes Library this evening was attended by 22 people and there was a very encouraging atmosphere of enthusiasm towards the care and management of the site. The main purpose of the ‘Friends’ is to develop a group of people who are willing to give some of their time to care for this special area that is now part of the Chasewater and the Southern Staffordshire Coalfield Heaths SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Importance).

Staffordshire County Council has been managing this ara for over 10 years and in two years time will be taking over full control of the Chasewater Country Park which will include the Norton Bog area. The first work-party session for the ‘Friends’ will be on Sunday 8th January between 10am and 1pm, meeting at the Wooden Stables car park on the Burntwood Road (just before the ‘Skoda’ roundabout as approached from Norton). Everyone is welcome but please don’t arrive in your Sunday best – there’s work to be done and fun to be had!

Contact names and numbers are:

Rob Davies of Staffs County Ranger Service at 07855 336 907

 Steve Archer, Community Volunteers Officer at 07817 863 303

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