The Swan pub to live again

I missed this originally, but after a bin-dive into the recycling bin, I can now bring you news that the The Swan, on Pelsall Road, Brownhills, has been saved from ruin and will reopen at some point in July. This article was featured in the Express & Star of June 2nd, and I missed it at the time. Most regular readers had gathered something was going on from previous comments by Jane on my early post ‘The Pubs We’ve Lost‘ and a recent one on ‘The road no less travelled‘ about the history of the Pelsall Road.

As far as I can tell, this is the second time The Swan has been rescued, and I wish Jane & Geoff all the best. It’s a lovely little pub with a proud history and deserves a caring, community-spirited landlord to breathe new life into this formerly humming social hub. If Jane & Geoff are reading this, please drop me a line when you plan to open and I’ll publicise the rebirth on the blog for you.

From the Walsall Express & Star, Thursday, 2nd June 2010. Click for a larger version.

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10 Responses to The Swan pub to live again

  1. David Fellows says:

    Used to go in The Prince of Wales when they ran it. Great Landlords! should make The Swan the pub it deserves to be.

  2. Brian Ansell says:

    I congratulate these two people for what they are doing. I have been to the Prince, their old pub, and it was always a comfort to be there. I know The Swan very well as back in the 70s it was a place I frequented along with a good clientel who knew what a real pint of ale was. The fellow who ran The Swan in those days was a man that previously ran the bar at The Miners Arms in Rushall, I beleive his name was Terry or Trevor or something like that. This fellow knew how to keep and pull a pint, the Banks’s Mild was like drinking cream, stunning. I believe the cellars were quite close to the canal and it was the humidity and temperature that helped in this immaculate creation. Above the pub was a room for functions and one time I was the Best Man at a wedding reception in this pub, who could wish for a better place. I send my wishes to these people who are laying their hard earned money on the line. Remember you people of Brownhills, create a meeting place here, one of happiness and love and you will be rewarded. Good luck, for we all need luck, and maybe one day I shall grace the bar myself once more.
    Brian in Canada

  3. stymaster says:

    I’ve been in touch with Jane, and she’s promised to let me know when they re-open. I love The Swan, and yes, it has closed and reopened once before fairly recently. By the sound of it Geoff and Jane will do a good job: let’s hope so.

    There’s some local history interest too: it was once owned by William Roberts and still features some very nice original etched glass with his trademark.

    @Brian Ansell: The Miner’s isn’t near the canal: it’s here. Currently shut and boarded up, sadly. You could be thinking of The Manor Arms?

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  5. Brian Ansell says:

    What I said was the fellow who ran The Swan back in the 70s came from the Miners Arms to The Swan. Big Ally ran the Miners in those days.

  6. CAZ says:

    Good luck to Geoff and Jane Taylor. It hasn’t been an easy ride for publicans in recent times. It seems everywhere you look, yet another pub/club is boarded up so I wish them well.
    Back in the 70’s to early 80’s i worked with a nice lad called Phil Dibble and I think his Parents ran The Swan back then. Don’t know if this will jog any memories with Brian.

  7. Jane says:

    Thanks for the good wishes guys & gal. Still waiting to complete on the sale (23/06) BUT we shall still try and reopen mid July. Should have pre empted the legalities running over but the sellers (Enterprise Inns) were adamant the sale should be completed by now. We are both itching to get in there and get stuck in (we’ve actually been tidying the weeds up and Geoff has put gate posts in already) so, hopefully, this time next week it will be all ours. IF anybody has any history on The Swan, or knows where I could find some, please let me know. Would love to get some old pics blown up and framed to put up in there.

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  9. jane taylor says:

    We are still desperate for any history on the pub. We have been told tales about a resident ghost (Lucy) who apparently was a child who was knocked down and killed outside (by a horse & cart). Nothing definite though.
    Now I am not ‘into’ ghosts BUT there have certainly been strange happenings going on which we cant explain so, maybe, there is some truth to the tales. Dont worry, even if we do have a ghost, we’re here to stay for the foreseeable future.
    PLEASE, ANYONE, if you have any information on the pub let us know.
    Come along and see us for a good drink in a friendly atmosphere.

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