The journey continues

And on, down the road. Aldershawe, near Wall, Staffordshire. 6:06pm, Friday, 8th April 2011.

I’ve just posted the following to my #30daysofbiking tumblr blog. I’m having so much fun recording a daily cycling journal, that I’ve decided to continue after taking a straw poll on twatter last night. I’m interested to know what readers think, which is why I’ve taken the unusual step of duplicating the post here. Please do comment if you have an opinion.

The #30daysofbiking project has been inspiration for me, and it’s fascinating to see how a simple, daft social media project has connected cyclists across the world. It has been a revelation to me about the power of the internet, social media and the nature of a shared interest.

1032 miles later…

By any normal yardstick, my 30 days of biking project should end here. I’ve ridden, and posted, something for every day in the month of April. You’ve followed me pottering round the common, off into the Peak District, through the mean streets of Redditch, and on early morning commutes. I’ve been cut up, knackered, amazed and awestruck.

The biking everyday thing will be no surprise to my regular readers at The Brownhills Blog; I cycle virtually everyday anyway. All that really changed was that I documented what I did and saw.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing this stuff with other people. It’s really great to make what is often a very solitary experience a communal thing in a small way. It’s nice to show that cycling isn’t a superhuman effort, and can be a pleasant experience, even for a non-lycra clad, non-helmet wearing middle aged bloke like me.

With all this in mind, I’m going to continue to operate this project, and somewhat ambitiously, rechristen it 365 days of biking. All the same stuff will be here, but I guess we can watch the seasons change together.

As long as folk are interested, I’ll keep going. Last night I took a straw poll on twitter, and the consensus was to continue, so the adventure continues.

Please let me know what you think…

Best wishes


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2 Responses to The journey continues

  1. Andy says:

    I’m a fundamentally lazy man Bob so vicarious cycling is excellent.

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