Woodmen make Swift work of stomping Stourport

Images and captions kindly supplied by the young David Evans.

My apologies to readers – busy weekend and very much behind at the moment – should catch up in coming days. Apologies – Bob

Walsall Wood FC were on stonking form last Tuesday evening (10th September 2019) when they hammered visitors Stourport Swifts – often previously their nemesis – to a 3-0 defeat at Oak Park.

With a decisive 3-1 win last Friday (13th September 2019 – lucky for The Wood) against Coventry United away, Walsall Wood FC seem to be doing pretty well at the moment which will be pleasing fans. The current league looks like this:

Wood currently top of the table with Willenhall’s Sporting Khalsa hot on their heels. Click for a larger version.

Next game is Saturday 21st September, when Walsall Wood will be visited by South Normanton Athletic when hopefully the lads can cement their position.

Blog football correspondent David Evans submitted the following report:

Tuesday 10th September 2019
Walsall Wood 3 v 0 Stourport Swifts

This evening’s soccer match was eagerly anticipated by players and supporters alike. We all needed a sporting tonic, an evening of fresh air after the events that had taken place in recent days. A good wholesome therapeutic local football match is the ‘Order!…’ of the day.

September is the month when ‘it starts to get late early’ and winter draws on. The frit and nesh among the supporters arrived wearing  their thick coats and hats as they squeezed through the eye-poppingly tight turnstile, manfully clenching dentures and matchday programmes, whilst putting things back to where they belong.

There was the mouth-watering aroma of hotdogs and burgers sizzling away tunefully in close proximity to the open door of the nearby Prims Bar with its panoramic range of hearty ales, and soon the  magic would begin.

More highly professional match highlights from the match from Russell Smith of the wonderful TheWood.TV.

The teams emerged and  the Man in Black signalled the match to commence.

Within a few minutes the home side weaved their magic to score the first of their three goals, to the surprise of the visitors who looked at each other in some bewilderment. How would they respond to the swift, mesmerising fluid approach moves and neat finishing touches by the Wood?  Now the pressure was on them to react positively and decisively, and also on the Wood to keep the shape and form that we have seen mature and flourish already this season.

The Swifts worked hard, passed, ran well with the ball, sometimes down the left wing, sometimes down the right wing, but frequently they were dispossessed of the ball by intuitive fine interceptions by the home side who immediately capitalised to launch their own counter attacks of various  kinds

Then, another goal by the home side, long before half time. The home crowd were delighted and showed their appreciation in the customary manner. Now – now – would we see the Swifts break through the Wood’s defence? First, they had to gain possession of the ball and moments of sheer magic ball control, tantalisingly deceptive moves, accurate passing, and variety of pace  from the Wood side  prevented this, almost totally.

The half time whistle brought time for both teams to get their breath back, partake of a cup of tea and perhaps a piece of cake with their caring managers, and for ale that is hearty and refreshes the parts other ales cant reach to flow unfettered, nourishing  neck and larynx. It’s medicinal, after all…

The second half brought substitutions, different tactics and manoeuvres, and the game flowed and seemed to rush by  as the players perspired and gasped lungs of fresh, cool air. The visitors tried again and again to break through the strong Wood defence, but to little avail and some frustration. This was to be the Wood’s evening when composure, control, skill and applied pressure were evident in large measure. The Swifts, to their credit, played sporting positive football  but were outplayed this evening. The Wood’s third goal underlined this and the final score was three goals to nil.

An excellent performance by Walsall Wood FC this evening.

As ever, thanks to David for the report – always appreciated. For The Good of the Wood!

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