Have you got a lot of bottle?

Male GCN @ Brownhills Common

He’s not small, but he’s my newt. The old ones are the best – and this is a Brownhills Common resident captured for survey a few years ago by Walsall Wildlife.

Here’s an odd but important request I had in yesterday from Walsall Countryside Ranger Helen Sanger – she needs loads of clean, empty two litre drinks bottles!

Yes, you heard that right – the kind of bottle that fizzy drinks or mineral water come in – swilled out an clean, colour unimportant.

Helen said:

Could you ask people to please save empty two litre pop bottles?

I need them for newt surveys as a matter of urgency. Clean ones not litter picked as they are for aquatic environmental use.

Thanks I’ve asked at work a few weeks ago but not had any luck…

Experienced and fearless newt handlers make the bottles into newt traps so they can examine and survey the local newt populations. Clever, huh? Image kindly shared by Helen Sanger.

Give my email as a contact please then I will arrange collection or say where to drop off.

Helen Sanger

Thanks to anyone that can help, and all donations welcome: perhaps you run a cafe, bar or catering facility where you toss loads of these out? If you do, please do give Helen a shout.

You can contact Helen by mailing here here: sangerhc@walsall.gov.uk – or you can always comment here and I’ll hook you both up.

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6 Responses to Have you got a lot of bottle?

  1. Chrissie says:

    I have some bottles .Ur welcome to have them

  2. Rita Simcox says:

    Is there a newt survey going On? I have battalions of great crested and common browns in my garden pond.

  3. Helen Walker says:

    I have some bottles coming from kings street club , you pass my email, , or I give mobile number

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