A message about the 2017 Brownhills Canal Festival from Brian Stringer…


The 2016 Canalside festival was a real success, and I’m sure 2017’s will match it!

Brownhills activist, local author, top bloke and Clayhanger Kid himself, Brian Stringer has dropped me a line to share with readers important information about thus year’s Brownhills Canalside Festival, which will be undergoing a change of date and organiser this year.

Brian is keen to correct some circulating rumour, and I’m only too happy to help him do so. Brian had this to say:

Hi Bob.

I believe different rumours have been going the rounds re this years Canalside Festival so I thought I’d put you in the picture.

Because we as a committee are getting rather long in the tooth and help becoming harder to get, we have decided that the Local Committee are not going ahead this year.

However it has been agreed that the 2017 Brownhills Canalside Festival will take place, but on Saturday 12th of August as part of the Towncentre festival weekend. Diane Mansell, the Towncentre Manager has agreed to work with the Community Association and the Canalside will be run as previous years with stalls etc. I will again be responsible for the stage and musical acts which is to be funded by the Local Committee.

I also understand that building will be started on the old market site by then, but agreement has been reached for Tesco to make their car park available after registration.

Hope this clears matters up.


Thanks to Brian for writing and clearing things up. I’m interested that a Saturday has been chosen, and I must confess I’ve often wondered if the event would work better than on a Sunday. We shall see.

I wish everyone involved all the best and stand ready to assist with publicity, etc as usual. Diane has made a cracking job of other Brownhills events, and of course, Brownhills in bloom, so is clearly a worth successor.

Cheers to Brian for letting us know.. Now, roll on summer…

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