Another break in at the riding stables on Pelsall Road – can you help?

An appeal reaches me from Stevie Ansell who runs the riding stables on Pelsall Road, Brownhills – between Saturday night and Sunday morning, a generator was stolen from the premises after a curious incident in the preceding week.

Stevie wrote:

Last night we were targeted yet again and had a generator stolen – This generator was in lock up right on Front of stables.

We are currently obtaining pictures from cameras but somebody must have seen something as main busy road out front?

Reward for any information leading to return of generator which is essential for smooth running of stables and also an expense that stables could do without when feed bills alone are in excess of £400 a week 😖

Meantime during the week in broad daylight two youths on pedal bikes came onto stables generally mooching around and cased damage to lock ups and smashed a window. See pics above.

Maybe they were casing the joint or maybe a coincidence but none the less – caused damage in excess of £100 and took off with our spade!

Please share share share and let’s catch these opportunists that are low enough to target a non profit organisation that does nothing but good in the community.

Somebody must recognise them.

Pictures from last night to go up once liasons with police etc have taken place – but in the meantime please see pics above of youths that caused damage etc during the week. All information given will be kept totally confidential.

Many Thanks in advance

Tel or text :- 07950-314091

Or message on Facebook.

Stevie Ansell

Stevie and the stables do a huge amount of great work, and it’s terrible that anyone would steal from them and cause them hardship.

It’s worth pointing out that these monkeys only do this because there’s a market for what they take: if anything you’re offered is suspiciously cheap, don’t buy it: it’s probably nicked from someone like you.

You can contact Walsall Police by dialling 101 (999 in an emergency, obviously) or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Please come forward with any information you have. If you don’t want to contact Stevie or the police directly, drop me a

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3 Responses to Another break in at the riding stables on Pelsall Road – can you help?

  1. Ade Reid says:

    You seriously need to look at getting a guard are obviously being targeted because you have no visible signs of security.a large dog running loose would be enough to deter most oppurtunist thieves.

  2. Angry woman says:

    Please get guard dogs or a security hut!

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