Can we solve the mystery of an old Ogley Hay influencer from the 60s?


Ogley Hay Junior School Class 4A in 1963 – a beautifully scanned photo kindly sent in by Malcolm Kelly. Click for a larger version.

A quick enquiry here from reader Ray who yesterday sent me in this headscratcher of a question which seems ideal for a Sunday.

He wrote:

Hi Bob

I was hoping you may have information that can help me out.

Whilst trying to put together the big influences in my life I found I could not remember one man. A teacher at Ogley Hay primary school back in 1964.

A final year teacher who taught mathematics to anyone who would listen. Any thoughts?


Now we’ve had quite a lot of photos of the Ogley Schools and class lineups in the past, and we’ve explored the history of these schools as material has come to light – but this has me baffled, I must say. Does anyone have any idea who this teacher might be?

There are a selection of Ogley Hay School posts here. Please take a look.

Previously I’ve featured an Ogley School staff image and also reader and local historian Andy Dennis has sent me a couple of lovely school group photos featuring his mother, thought to be from the 1936 sports event at Chase Terrace, which was mentioned by Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler in comments to the same post.

If you can help Ray, please do comment on this post, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or give me a shout on social media.

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21 Responses to Can we solve the mystery of an old Ogley Hay influencer from the 60s?

  1. Carol Smith says:

    I think the teacher looks like Mr Riley a teacher .when I was there in the mid 1960’s

  2. Paul Stokes says:

    I remember a Mr Thomas, he used to try and teach us maths.

  3. David Powell says:

    I left Ogley to go to Shire Oak in 1968. I recognise the teachers face but not quite sure of his name. I seem to remember 2 male teachers, a Mr Riley and Mr Rowley. Not sure which one is pictured but if pushed I would go for Mr Rowley.

    • Ann Lloyd says:

      Hi David
      Did you used to live opposite suttons shop?

      • David Powell says:

        Hi Ann yes I did and if you are who think you are our gardens used to be back to back. I can remember playing with you and your brothers and sisters through the gap in the hedge. Innocent days long ago lol. Hope you and all the family are well

  4. Shirley Williams says:

    I think it was Mr Riley as well, when I was there

  5. Was Jennifer Tonks says:

    I remember Mr IT Thomas and Mr Thomas

  6. Isobel Dams says:

    The teacher on the photograph is Mr Riley.

  7. Malcolm Kelly says:

    Hi. Yes the teacher in the picture is Mr Riley and a very good teacher he was. I was in his class for 2 years 3A and 4A and he helped me a lot. Mr AR Thomas I think taught maths but I remember him most for coaching the school football team. He was one of the kindest teachers I met.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it is definitely Mr Riley.,

  9. Les Bullock says:

    The teacher in the picture is Mr W. (Bill) Riley. He was the teacher who worked me hard enough to get me through the 11+ He was an excellent, but very strict (my bum burned for hours afterwards) teacher. I went through Ogley Hay two years behind this class, but recognise a few faces such as Stephen Kelly, John Franklin, Stephen Horton, Anne-Marie Ashmore, John Aston, and a lot that I can’t name.
    I often used to see Jim Rowley after he retired from Ogley Hay as he lived in Heath Hayes. He was still in touch, and kept me updated, with Bill Riley until they both died just a few years ago.
    One of the great memories of Mr Riley was the trip that he organised to Guernsey. We saved 10shillings a week through the school year until we saved the full £28/10/- I think I still have a few photos somewhere. My now wife (Jacqueline White) was on the same trip. My sister Susan Bullock, now Woodward, went the year before.
    A great influence on me as a kid, and a lovely man.
    Happy memories of Ogley Hay

  10. Ann Lloyd says:

    Mr Riley, I remember him very well. A great teacher!

  11. Reg Fullelove says:

    here we go again down that lovely memory lane my ogley hay roland thompson was my headmaster reg oakes and mr smith miss lane infants miss hall senior girls gt charles st mr wright danny marklew he was a councellor joe stockly sam seedhouse billy hazard cuppser pugh senior boys oh happy days PS jim rowley still going strong spoke to him on saturday god bless

    • Les Bullock says:

      Thanks Reg for the info regarding Jim Rowley.
      Sorry for the mistake in my earlier message but so pleased that he is still with us.
      I’ve not seen him for a while, and did wonder how he was.

  12. Les Bullock says:

    Sorry Malcolm (not Stephen Kelly.
    If I remember rightly you were a goalkeeper in the school football team.

  13. john snape says:

    I`ve got a photo somewhere of the school team with you as goal keeper, I will try and find it,

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