Me engine’s flooded!


A remarkable image of amphibious cars at Chasewater generously supplied by Ian Race.

I’ve been contacted by readers Denis Jones and Ian Race, who both spotted a rather extraordinary thing at Chasewater yesterday (9th December 2015): an echo of the past – modern amphibious cars cruising around the lake.

These look like real fun – does anyone know any more about them, please?

Ian Race, who supplied the great photo above, said:

Hi Bob

I was doing a circuit of Chasewater this morning and I thought I was seeing things – looked good fun but a bit cold this morning.

They looked like they were going to bump each other – I wonder how you would explain that to your insurance company!!


Dennis Jones also wrote:

Hi Bob,

Two amphibious cars were going through their paces at Chasewater today, they had a good turn of speed and were very manoeuvrable.

They didn’t look like the Amphicar of the seventies more like a two seater sports car with a hard top. In the water the wheels were horizontal but reverted to normal to drive up the ramp to the Water Ski Centre.

I didn’t expect to see such a display when I set off for a cycle ride today!

Norton Canes

As Denis alludes, although this is highly unusual, it’s not unique: some time ago I featured a series of remarkable images from Ralph Ferrie expert Tony Winn, showing a much earlier German amphicar on the same water. The article is worth read, and has some great supplementary info  in the comments.

If you know anything about this curious event, please do comment here of drop me a line: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Cheers to Dennis and Ian for the eagle eye!

Amphycar on Chasewater

This is a bizarre, but fun-looking car-cum-boat being piloted around Chasewater. Image generously supplied by Tony Winn.

Amphycar 3

The car on the shore. Image generously supplied by Tony Winn.

Amphycar 2

The precedent: who knew such a sight was to be seen again?  Image generously supplied by Tony Winn.

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2 Responses to Me engine’s flooded!

  1. Geoffp says:

    Those amphibious cars are two examples of the Gibbs Aquada, developed about 12 years ago by a New Zealand inventor. I don’t know thoughwhether they went into production or if those two were only prototypes that have somehow managed to survive. How two of them managed to end up on Chasewater in the middle of December is even more of a mystery!
    They were very innovative and performed a lot better on both land and water than the Amphicar. Many patents were involved; my late sister had a part in the patenting process, which is how I came to know aboutthem in the first place.

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    always expect the unexpected in Brownhills. .. a certain J Clarkson, late of BBC drove one of these in one of his extravert tv show ecapades a while ago..and Wheeler Dealer tv programme lads restored an amphibicar a while ago…
    whatever next..a phantom Uboat?
    cheers….festive season starts now, then!

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