Wendy Morton MP to hold surgery in Brownhills

I’m pushing this one out early as I know some folk may need time to prepare: a week today, Wednesday 30th September 2015 the Member of Parliament for Aldridge Brownhills – your MP Wendy Morton – will hold a surgery at Brownhills Activity Centre, just off the Miner Island in town, from 9am.

Here you can meet Wendy and discuss any issues you may like to draw to her attention.

It’s nice to seen Wendy doing this, and I hope it becomes a regular event – Richard Shepherd, her predecessor never held many surgeries outside Aldridge and only ever seemed to bother coming to Brownhills when there was something to open or unveil.

Wendy’s publicity seems a lot better in this respect. Let’s hope the service matches it.


Your chance to chat to your ‘local’ MP Wendy Morton.

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