2015 Walsall local election results – the political pendulum swings back?


The count took place at Walsall (in the former West Midlands College) this afternoon, Friday 8th May 2015 – after a commemoration for VE Day, which was a nice touch. Image from Walsall Council.

This post contains political comment – if that’s going to rub you up the wrong way, go here.

Well, Walsall politics is never dull and following the surprise routing of Labour nationally, despite strong performance from their local Parliamentary candidates, Walsall Council swung back within reach of the Conservatives following the local election count this afternoon, with Mike Bird’s party taking four seats – three from Labour and one from the beleaguered Liberal Democrats.

In Brownhills ward, the seat vacated by standing down, long-serving Labour Councillor Barbara Cassidy was taken by Conservative candidate Alan Ferguson, beating his nearest rival Derek Bennet from UKIP by nearly 600 votes. Labour’s Lauren Davies was third.

Whilst I’d liked to have seen Lauren win, I’m pleased UKIP didn’t make the double with Steve Craddock. UKIP clearly split the vote here.

In Walsall Wood, the seat vacated by Mike Flower (who’s also stepping aside this time) was taken decisively by fellow bussed-in Tory Gary Clarke. I hope he proves as popular and dedicated as Mike was – that’s a hard act to follow.

Elsewhere, the Tories took a seat from Councillor Gareth Ilmann-Walker in Willenhall North, and similarly Matt Follows snatched Bloxwich West. The other scalp was LibDem Daniel Barker’s, lost to Sarah Cooper at Short Heath.

This means that Labour in Walsall are now still the largest single group, but will have a hard time maintaining control.

The balance is now:

  • 27 Labour
  • 25 Conservative
  • 3 UKIP
  • 3 Independent
  • 2 Liberal Democrat

I think we can all see that the Tories are in a strong position here now, even if Steve Craddock does bugger off on holiday again.

I note with some Schadenfreude that Ian Shires’ merry band of LibDems is now down to two. Hopefully another couple of elections will sort that out.

Whilst UKIP came second in many wards, they fell well short of a breakthrough and with the national picture the way it is, they look like a spent force for now.

Again, Walsall politics is never boring and it’s going to be an interesting twelve months.

Following data taken from the Walsall Council Local Election 2015 site.


Candidate Party Votes received
Bennett Derek UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1619
Benson Elizabeth Ann Green Party 160
Davies Lauren Marie Labour Party Candidate 1433
Ferguson Kenneth Alan The Conservative Party Candidate 2204″”G
Garfitt John Liberal Democrat 191

Turnout: 58.79%

Aldridge North and Walsall Wood

Candidate Party Votes received
Clarke Gary The Conservative Party Candidate 3708**H
Grainger Bob Labour Party 1934
Greveson Mark Robert Liberal Democrat 421
Morgan David Huw Green Party 466

Turnout: 64.64%

Aldridge Central and South

Candidate Party Votes received
Curzey Martyn Joshua Green Party 300
Dhillon Balvir Kaur Labour Party 1200
Hayward Colin UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1620
Rochelle John The Conservative Party Candidate 4165**H
Sheward Roy Liberal Democrat 421

Turnout: 70.07%

Darlaston South

Candidate Party Votes received
Burton Peter UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1656
Fletcher Charlotte Jayne Green Party 192
James Doug Labour Party Candidate 2188**H
Patel Anant The Conservative Party Candidate 1086

Turnout: 52.92%


Candidate Party Votes received
Ali Nasar Labour Party Candidate 2714
Horton Scarlett Rose Green Party 348
Sanders Barry UK Independence Party (UKIP) 796
Washbrook Peter The Conservative Party Candidate 3388**H

Turnout: 74.18%

Bentley and Darlaston North

Candidate Party Votes received
Chambers Keith Labour Party 2849**H
Khan Moz The Conservative Party Candidate 1054
Rudd-Everitt Alan UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1318

Turnout: 56.49%


Candidate Party Votes received
Ali Shaz The Conservative Party Candidate 1557
Davies Alan Walsall Socialist and Trade Union Candidate 535
Jones Christopher Labour Party Candidate 3001**H



Candidate Party Votes received
Church Dave Walsall Socialist and Trade Union Candidate 246
Cummings Bill UK Independence Party (UKIP) 975
Derry Hilda The Conservative Party Candidate 706
Morgan Clare Marie Green Party Candidate 81
Newey Chris English Democrats – “A Parliament for England!” 42
Young Ann Labour Party Candidate 2087**H

Turnout: 47.37%

Bloxwich East

Candidate Party Votes received
Baggott Steve Walsall Socialist and Trade Union Candidate 109
Fitzpatrick Shaun Francis Labour Party 1955**H
Statham Mark Andrew The Conservative Party Candidate 1516
Timmins Gary UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1261

Turnout: 54.21%

Bloxwich West

Candidate Party Votes received
Bennett Suzanne Green Party 113
Coley Richard UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1438
Follows Matt The Conservative Party Candidate 2344**G
Lane Patti Labour Party Candidate 1795
Ross Mick Walsall Socialist and Trade Union Candidate 157

Turnout: 59.63%


Candidate Party Votes received
Ahmed Khalil Green Party 454
Ditta Allah Labour Party Candidate 3802**H
Lad Kish The Conservative Party Candidate 1375
Lynch Martin Walsall Socialist and Trade Union Candidate 123
Smith Mark UK Independence Party (UKIP) 743

Turnout: 61.62%


Candidate Party Votes received
Bashir Hajran Labour Party 1171
Beech Mark William 220
Harries Richard Simon Green Party 67
Longhi Marco The Conservative Party Candidate 3547**H
Mayou Sim 923


Pheasey Park Farm

Candidate Party Votes received
Ahmad Mahmood Labour Party 1318
Bird Mike The Conservative Party Candidate 2956**H
Grey Steven George UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1586
Rennie John Green Party 256



Candidate Party Votes received
Hussain Khizar Labour Party 3493**H
Martin Tim Green Party 547
Shakoor Abdul The Conservative Party Candidate 1436

Turnout: 56.69%


Candidate Party Votes received
Halford Corrie Ann Labour Party Candidate 1901
Mannu Jay UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1189
Plant Donna Marie Green Party 251
Rattigan Lorna Jean The Conservative Party Candidate 2445**H

Turnout: 62.62%

Short Heath

Candidate Party Votes received
Barker Daniel James Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1321
Cooper Sarah Jane The Conservative Party Candidate 1481**G
Howell Philip UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1156
Ward Matthew Joseph Labour Party 1308
Welsh Nadia Walsall Socialist and Trade Union Candidate 56

Turnout: 60.12%

St. Matthews

Candidate Party Votes received
Cheeseman Joseph Green Party 375
Johal Jas The Conservative Party Candidate 2447
Payne Ian UK Independence Party (UKIP) 644
Russell Eileen Bridie Labour Party Candidate 2938**H

Turnout: 63.38%


Candidate Party Votes received
Kudhail Amarjeet Singh The Conservative Party Candidate 5061**H
Shamji Raaj Labour Party Candidate 1651
Trengove Freddie John Green Party 930

Turnout: 71.02%

Willenhall North

Candidate Party Votes received
Fletcher Carol Edna May Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1285
Hicken Adam John The Conservative Party Candidate 1694**G
Illmann-Walker Gareth Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate 1499
Paddock Alan Walsall Socialist and Trade Union Candidate 43
Wycherley David UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1262

Turnout: 61.26%

Willenhall South

Candidate Party Votes received
Creaney Carl Usher Labour Party Candidate 2878**H
Fletcher Glyn Liberal Democrat 235
O’Brien Ryan UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1396
Peart Stephanie Walsall Socialist and Trade Union Candidate 85
Sanghera Rajinda The Conservative Party Candidate 1291


Overall turnout: 60.89%

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