Bin and gone

OK – no mucking around, enough is enough. Someone has nicked a bin full of dog poo, we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more!

I was contacted by Shire Oak resident @WingedMaidenUK this morning on Twitter who pointed out that the dog waste bin that stood on the canal towpath by the fence at the rear access gate from Chandlers Keep had vanished. Gone. Disappeared.

There is a general shortage of dog waste disposal points in the area, and this one was well-used by responsible dog owners, and its loss was this morning causing a bit of a stink.

Thing is, I’m not sure who’s responsible for the removal of the poo receptacle, and who actually owned it – whether it was Walsall Council or the Canal & River Trust.

I have enquired with the Council and will pass on developments as I get them.

In the meantime, could the bozo who leaves the poo bags hanging in the trees beside the Anchor please desist? It’s not big and it’s not clever. We actually think you’re a bloody arsehole, and they poo flinger may well find the waste re-inserted should one of us catch them in the act…



Our poo bin is missing! Image from 2WingedMaidenUK and posted on twitter.


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4 Responses to Bin and gone

  1. Alan Dawson says:

    Id check the cut thats where the Morons usually throw stuff.

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  3. David Smith says:

    Perhaps needs a redesign like Salvation Army have for clothes recycling, with a flap inside – so when door is open, you can’t see what is in below. Might cut down the smell as well!

  4. Ade Reid says:

    We have 14 dogs.a mixture of springer spaniels and labradors.they are a mixture of working gundogs and drug sniffer dogs.they produce a lot of poo.we only exercise our dogs on local farmland and collect the poo and turn it into takes time and effort and about a £1000 pound year of our own money.having dogs is a full time job.if you cant be bothered to pick up your dogs mess and dispose of it properly dont ******* have a give responsible dog owners a bad name !!!.

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