Well, THAT escalated quickly…


And so it did. Image via Memecrunch.

It seems my post of a couple of days ago about the curious selection delays and apparent favour of outside candidates for the next Consertive prospective parliamentary candidate for Aldridge-Brownhills yesterday caught the attention of Tory Pravda ConservativeHome.

I recommend you read their article here.

Later in the day, ConservativeHome gained more information, and issued a post that itself caught wide attention. I suggest everyone interested in the selection of the candidate for what will most likely be our next MP reads it.

It seems the question of whether Marco Longhi was being treated fairly is a side issue now, as the party appears to be in conflict over who’s parachuted in. Probably best if you’re planning a pissup not to subcontract to the Tories, even if it’s to be in a brewery.

The comments on both pieces contain some gems, and some interesting insight into a process that clearly isn’t about us.

I’ll continue to follow this story as I think it’s important people are aware of the manoeuvring that goes on and the fact that politics – left or right – should be held to account.

This has all been a bit of an eye-opener, to be honest…


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3 Responses to Well, THAT escalated quickly…

  1. Bravo Brownhills Bob. By exposing a hidden local stitch-up, you have held the political establishment to account and, according to some news feeds, have made the story of national interest. I`m jealous.

    I wonder if the Express & Star will cover these shenanigans and can I have your autograph?

  2. stymaster says:

    Hoist the red flag, comrade 😉

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