The Pride of Brownhills, restored


A picture that was puzzling Bill Mayo showed the unveiling of a plaque – readers helped in not only identifying the event, but the plaque turned up too! Image from the Bill Mayo collection.

A couple of days ago I belatedly flagged up the wonderful installation and unveiling ceremony for the once misplaced, but now found British Legion memorial plague to the dead of two wars, located after local historian and top chap Bill Mayo asked for help with a photo here on the Brownhills Blog.

David Evans the blog roving reporter, was out with his camera at the ceremony, and took some lovely pictures and wrote a nice report for readers, which I thank him for and present here.

This whole story is an example of local community in action and it’s great to see lost history being restored to community prominence in this way. My thanks and congratulations to all the people who mad this possible and worked so hard.

You are the pride of our community. Thank you, not just for this, but everything.

David wrote:

We will remember them

Some while ago Bill Mayo, a well-known and respected local historian whose photo books have provided so many images of the local area from years ago, contacted me.

He had among the vast collection of his photos, one which showed the unveiling of the British Legion plaque in Lichfield Road, Brownhills after the Second World War and wanted to see if the people in the photo could be identified. With the generous help of Brownhills Blog readers this was accomplished.

Bill then phoned me some while later to take me on ‘a discrete mission’. This very plaque, which had been lost for quite a few years after the British Legion had vacated their club in Lichfield Road, and had subsequently held their meetings in the Goat pub, Hednesford Road, Brownhills West had been discovered lying among among other things, in a back storage room of the Goat Public House.

I was taken to see this battered and worn plaque, and to meet two of the British legion men who had resolved to restore the plaque and to reinstall it in a public place in Brownhills.

I was delighted to attend the unveiling ceremony on Saturday 22nd, 2014, and to meet those whose quiet resolve and endeavour was being honoured. Our local Member of Parliament, Sir Richard Shepherd gave a personal and moving short speech, in which he paid tribute to the achievement of these gentlemen of the British Legion and the community spirit of Brownhills that it and this plaque reflected, and then unveiled the beautifully restored plaque.

David, 22 November 2014

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  1. Clive says:

    Great to see the plaque on public view again, well done to all involved.

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