July 1990 – Callous closure of Job Club

Brownhills Gazette July 1990 issue 10_000001

Brownhills Gazette July 1990 issue 10 – The local job club was under threat – they were a useful means of supporting the unemployed to work. Click for a larger version.

Continuing the scans of the Brownhills Gazette – I present issue 10 of the long lost freesheet, from July 1990 for you to peruse and download. I’ve had an incredible response to featuring these long, lost publications here on the blog.

David Evans, very kindly granted access to the archive held by former editor and contributor Brian Stringer, has been assiduously and conscientiously scanning them all. Every single issue. Every few days, I’m going to feature the next in the series.

Note that this issue romps home at 20 pages and was really in it’s stride. There are Brownhills Carnival photos and history, and good stuff on Clayhanger, Brownhills Choral Society and a fashion show that I’m sure will make some readers cringe.

The history of how the Brownhills Gazette came to exist has been detailed in this post thanks to the wonderful John Sylvester.

If other bloggers want to use this material, can you please drop me a line first? I don’t mind, there’s just sone stuff I’d like to clear about the usage, thanks.

Cheers to Brian and David for sharing a wonderful thing, that’s part of our community history.

If you have any memories, questions or observations please do comment or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Brownhills Gazette issue 10 July 1990 – PDF format

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