January 1990 – Call for flood investigation…

Brownhills Gazette January 1990 issue 4_000001

Brownhills Gazette January 1990 issue 4 – Another great campaigning issue, with a very interesting piece by long-time campaigner Lorraine Stanistreet about the landfill at Birch Coppice.. Click for a larger version.

Continuing the scans of the Brownhills Gazette – I present issue 4 of the long lost freesheet, from January 1990 for you to peruse and download. I’ve had an incredible response to featuring these long, lost publications here on the blog.

David Evans, very kindly granted access to the archive held by former editor and contributor Brian Stringer, has been assiduously and conscientiously scanning them all. Every single issue. Every few days, I’m going to feature the next in the series. I’ve just compiled the next few into PDFs and I can tell you there are some treats in store – including the only decent photo I’ve ever seen of Holland Park’s lost bandstand.

Note in this one the Collins photo with names written on it.

If other bloggers want to use this material, can you please drop me a line first? I don’t mind, there’s just sone stuff I’d like to clear first, thanks.

Cheers to Brian and David for sharing a wonderful thing, that’s part of our community history.

If you have any memories, questions or observations please do comment or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Brownhills Gazette issue 4 January 1990 – PDF format

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34 Responses to January 1990 – Call for flood investigation…

  1. Clive says:

    Many thanks to all involved. keep them coming chaps.

  2. Enjoyed it as ever, but sadly this one is tinged with sadness as Mrs.F.Dickinson (page 17) passed away earllier this week, aged 91.
    A lovely lady, always pleasant and friendly to us kids when we were growing up.

  3. Pedro says:

    March 1936, BUDC Meeting…Flooding at Clayhanger…No Hope of Immediate Improvement.

    No immediate hope of improvement in flooding conditions at Clayhanger was revealed at the meeting, when Councillor Robson said the Council had been trying to do something in the matter for a long time. He regretted to say that they were not much forward than they had been for a considerable time….There was one glimmer of hope, and that was that in two years time it was possible the culvert would be lowered.

    1938 December…During the recent heavy rains Clayhanger had been in a worse position than Norton. Property has been flooded eight to ten inch deep and people had to wade to get to the tap.

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  14. Becky T says:

    This might be slight off topic but reading Richard’s letter apart from what he said “praising himself” it did make sense in one way. However I have thrown down the gauntlet to him recently and asked him to evoke a power which has never been used by any government since it came into existence in 1970 in regard to our beloved WMBC’s unlawful activites! So you have to ask yourself what is the point of any elected politician if they are not accountable?!! So I am awaiting his response as I am the response of WMBC and it affects 100’s of people across the borough, the most vulnerable in our Society. It’s all gone very quiet to say the least!

    Great stuff though … very disheartening in one way because the complaints raised then by the Brownhills Gazette remain pretty much the same about WMBC so nothing has changed except there is no longer a voice in which to publicize it. 🙁

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  33. Gary Dingle says:

    Who was that handsome chap on page 15??? Why me of course…. Wow! This has really brought back memories. Thank you for this. I didn’t think I’d ever get to see these Brownhills Gazette issues again. Now working as a primary school teacher…feeling nostalgic… Hope Brian is well.

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