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This photo was taken inside the school hall and shows the teaching staff . The photo is dated 1951. Back row, from the left: An unknown student teacher, Mr. Walters, Mr. Ashford, Mr. Shingler, Mrs. Horobin (school Secretary), another unidentified student teacher. Front row, from the left: Miss Harrington (latterly Mrs. Fellows), Miss Murcott, Mr. Barker (Headteacher), Miss Tann, Miss Ellis.

A quick one here from the young David Evans, who’s found a couple of gems from the postwar years of the Walsall Wood County Primary School at Streets Corner. This is the building – still extant – that David returned to recently and documented so beautifully.

I was struck at the time by the number of readers who contacted me with warm memories of the old school building that these days serves as the Walsall Wood Youth Club. What strikes me about these pictures is that the staff all look happy. That does seem somewhat unusual, with such images normally being somewhat staid and dour.

David wrote:

Hello Bob

I thought you might be interested in these two photos of teachers at Walsall Wood County Primary School in the early 1950s.

My sincere thanks are extended to Mrs Eleanor Holland (née Ellis) who has very kindly provided these photos.

David Evans

It’s interesting to note that some things never change: in his previous post, David took a photo of the area where the group above where photographed:

The hall with an original classroom door. Image courtesy David Evans.

The hall with an original classroom door. Image courtesy David Evans.

Note the doors and tiles haven’t changed – bar a lick of paint – in over sixty years.

If you have any memories of these times, or can add information, please do. Comment here, or write to me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

My thanks to David and Eleanor for their time and generosity. Always appreciated.


This photo is slightly later, probably 1952. Back row, from the left: Mr. Arthur Shingler, Mr. Stan Hall, Mr. Norman Ashford, Mr. Starkey. Front row: Miss Murcott, Miss Ellis, Mr. Barker, Mrs. Carter, Miss Harrington. In the distance can be seen the Oak Park Pavillion

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11 Responses to A different class

  1. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    I didn’t go to W.W. Primary till 1954 but remember teachers, Mr Shingler, Mr Walters, Mr Ashford & Miss Tann who also taught violin. Good memories

  2. Clive says:

    Big thankyou to Mrs. Holland and Dave. Lovely photos. I started school in 1959 aged 5, dont remember any of the teachers in the photos, i do remember Miss jones, Mrs Appleby, Miss Hampton, Mrs Fox.

  3. Trev (Hovis) Brown says:

    Hi Bob and David, what I remember most about the Primary School was hearing Killer Langford in the metalwork classroom and shaking in me boots to think he will be my teacher next year, Happy days Hovis

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    thanks for this super presentation. Mr Walters had an incredible three wheel car..a mark three Bond…motorbike engine clutching the front wheel;-noise, smoke and very little forward movement.
    Its the Coronation “soldiers on parade” that stand out as a memorable event…and the daily school assemblies..”all things bright and beautiful” indeed…..and us !

  5. Malcolm farmer says:

    I was also at streets corner infants and junior, I remember winning a painting competition and winning ,I won 10shillings for school and a certificate that my mom had.mr wroth was head, mrs Clenton, mrs fox mrs applby and miss jones.mrs Clenton was married to the local butchers who were clentons in Lindon road.i myself was Bourne in salters road walal wood.my farther was a miner at the collery.

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  7. maria says:

    Does anyone have any memories of the building that is the main school today?

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  9. Ann Riddell says:

    I went to Walsall Wood school from 1950 – 1955 when I then went up to the “big school”. I was always in David’s class in infant school. I am in the photograph of the children by the fence with Mrs. Holland, Miss Ellis as she was then. She always bought us humbugs back from Wales after the six week holidays. We went nature walks up Holly Lane, and used to sing “It fell upon a summers day” in class. Thanks for the memories, please can we have some more. Ann Marlow. now Riddell.

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  11. Bowk says:

    I would just like to say a very big thankyou to Mrs Holland the pictures here are a bit before my time but Mrs Holland was my teacher at Castlefort I could tell you a few stories but cannot because she is my neighbour and I have known both Mr and Mrs Holland all my life and they are really both very very nice people and she would kill me thanks again Mrs H

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