Motorcyclist seriously hurt in Brownhills Accident

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The location of the accident, just on Chase Road before the canal bridge heading towards the A5 Watling Street. Imagery from Google Maps.

There’s been a nasty accident in Brownhills during rush hour this evening (17th June 2014), when a car and motorcycle were in collision at the junction of Chase Road and an industrial estate access road. Several police vehicles, and reportedly an Air Ambulance  were in attendance.

The motorcyclist was seriously hurt but is not thought to be in life threatening condition.

This information was related from witnesses at the scene who spoke with the police in attendance. Cheers to Mickey, Warren, Rich and David for help.

Please, everyone, be careful out there.

If you have any further information please mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Please think carefully when commenting on this post. Cheers.

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4 Responses to Motorcyclist seriously hurt in Brownhills Accident

  1. Vicki Phillips says:

    Hello this was my partner he is talking and in good hands wants to thank everyone that helped him and great full to the quick thinking RAC guy who kept his head and neck still.

    • Thanks, Vicki, that’s most thoughtful.

      Our best wishes for a speedy recovery from me and all the readers.

      Glad he had such thoughtful care, and that he’s on the path to recovery

      All the best

  2. Christine Burgess says:

    That’s good news Vicki, I’m glad he’s doing ok. I work for the RAC and that makes me very proud because we have some brilliant patrols. Xx

    • vicki phillips says:

      Simon is glad people stopped and helped please if anyone knows anything please get in touch as simon is doing well but will be on the road to recovery for a long time.

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