Fatal hit and run in Brownhills – appeal for help


Floral tributes left at the scene this afternoon. Image supplied by reader Phil.

There is currently a report online from the Express & Star.

Posted by Gavin Guest on Facebook and shared by Warren Parry:

Gavin Guest:

OK folks well brother in law was involved in a hit and run last night. And we sadly lost him this morning. I would like everyone to share this message and hopefully find the scum that left him there. So if your partner, son, daughter, friend, friend of friend has a smashed front end of their car please contact your local police so justice can be served.

Please keep this share going thank you.

The incident appears to have occurred at 3:20am on Sunday, 30th March 2014, at the junction of the A5 Watling Street and The Parade, Brownhills.

Police are requesting that anyone with the victim at the time to contact them, as it’s important they get as much information as possible.

If you have any information, or saw anything, please do contact Walsall Police by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

My condolences to the family and all the people affected by this terrible incident. An awful, awful thing to happen. I’d also that folk respect the privacy of the family where appropriate, including on social media. They must be going through hell, please remember that.

I have asked West Midlands Police for a statement, if one is forthcoming I shall post it up.

I’ll let you have any further info as and when.


The accident apparently happened at 3:20am. Image kindly supplied by reader Phil.

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10 Responses to Fatal hit and run in Brownhills – appeal for help

  1. Dave treo says:

    Not saying its anything to do with this accident but there was a smashed up car by lanehead crashed into the wall by the senotaf this morning on sandbeds road it was there this morning and taken away this afternoon mayby it could just be a normal collision or a cover up to this scence but it must of happened early this morning would try and get some info to that car and get the police to do some forensics on it because you never know it was a silver mgzr rip to who ever you was.

  2. Derek says:

    Are you sure this was 3.20 because I went by coming from Chasewater at about 3.50 and there were already flowers there and people looking about at the road.

  3. Marie Bryan says:

    I know jamie from Milfield school he was a very good friend of my son and would come to my house alot, a very well mannered lad ,can’t believe this awful news, me and my son are absolutely gutted. Please lets help find the person , person’s responsible . My heart goes out to jamies family.

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  5. Scumbags! I am in Scotland so my share won’t help but hail from Brownhills and saw this via a friend on Facebook this morning. I hope they find them x

  6. Jess says:

    I was driving past the accident when it happened, i saw a lad on the floor and a crowd of people around him the only thing i saw was a taxi driver in a red car going really slow, but maybe he was just looking to see what had happened, my thoughts go out to friends and family, as he was my boyfriends friend x

  7. Will stirling says:

    03:20hrs that’s morning, I hope all share this and if its your family, share it and inform the police, you would want someone to do it if it was your family hit.

  8. jenny coughlin says:

    what else as got to happen on that stretch of road before they put cctv along there, this is how many things that have happened along that road now for god sake get cctv along there

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