Shut the wardrobe door!

Oh, my goodness – Narnia has escaped from the wardrobe again, and as ever, I’ve been out having fun. The cycling was fine on main roads, but side roads and tracks were bad. The snow – falling gently all the time I was out – was being driven by a northeasterly surely crafted on Satan’s back doorstep.

Conditions were therefore a little challenging.

I was really impressed to see that at Chasewater, Pool Road from the A5 had been carefully and conscientiously cleared of snow by two of the ranger team with a mini-tractor, and also shovelling by hand. That’s service beyond the call, lads. Thank you very much.

In the last week, Chasewater has actually reached it’s highest possible water level, is full, and now overflowing into the spillway and drain system I and [Howmuch?] explored last year. To the best of my knowledge, that hasn’t happened for a very long time – the last time I’m aware of being April, 2008.

I notice that the grille we climbed through into the culvert has sensibly been fixed. The whole spillway has become an intriguing half-stream, half marsh. This new wetland is alive, even in the snow, with meadow pipits downed by the weather and pied wagtails, feeding on unseen bugs.

If you’re up to it, do head out that way tomorrow. You’ll never see Chasewater and the commons of Brownhills more beautiful.

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3 Responses to Shut the wardrobe door!

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    Great pics, Bob. I was over there early this morning. I don’t recall seeing that much water in the basin. And there were pied wagtails foraging along its south shore, which I’ve not noticed before, either.

  2. Helen says:

    Did you see the igloo type creation opposite and towards the A5 a bit on the triangle of brownhills common ?

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