Further statement from Brownhills Canoe Centre Steering Committee

The Brownhills Canoe Centre issue rumbles on…

This afternoon, I received a further statement from Tim Houghton, of the Brownhills Canoe Centre Steering Group. To be honest, I had no prior knowledge of this group. The best thing I can do is produce Tim’s mail in full.


Canoes are great fun, and kids love the water. This is a great facility.

Tim Houghton wrote:


In the hope of clarifying a few facts regarding Brownhills Canoe and Outdoor Centre, I am one of a number of people on a Steering Group who are helping the Community Association to develop the venue.

At the close of the 2012 paddling season (at this level most people do not paddle through the whole winter) a discussion took place regarding 2013 and to this end a steering group was formed. In the late autumn several user groups were approached with a view to using the Centre in 2013. One of which is a canoe club with a membership of 180+ which is now installed and operational, another being a professional course provider. Unfortunately, as it got closer to drawing up a contract it became clear that the requirements of the professional course provider were greater than the Centre could provide. In the meantime the professional course provider had published statements that they were not in a position to make. These were duly noted by the Steering Group and steps have been taken to try and get them removed.

Regardless of this, we have several other options to pursue including a number of providers and user groups.

I hope you can put this information to good use and your assistance in promoting the Centre in the future will be appreciated.


Tim Houghton, Vice Chairman

Canoe & Outdoor Centre Steering Group

I welcome Tim’s generous and considered input here, and thank him for the clarification. I have mailed back, asking for details of clubs, events and schedules in order that I can publicise them here.

I’m still having difficulty with the January 22nd press release that stated the centre was under new management, and my criticism of the lack of information still stands. I am, however, happy to share any publicity or press statements the team would like to supply.

Facilities such as this are not in abundant supply, and it’s important to preserve and encourage their use.

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3 Responses to Further statement from Brownhills Canoe Centre Steering Committee

  1. peter says:

    Bob. As usual I am a little confused…… Brownhills Community Association is run by Walsall Council and there in turn so is Brownhills Canoe Centre???
    The steering Group – Is the Steering Group from within the Brownhills Community Association or within the Council itself?
    It seems that Tim and his team have been working hard in the background and a Canoe Club with 180+ members using the Canoe Centre is good news (I wonder where they were before? Have they moved from elsewhere or are they needing additional facilities?) I hope the Canoe Centre rate of use can be increased as I agree that this sort of facility is rare and of a huge benefit to a number of different groups.
    As a Scout Leader from the Aldridge area our group has used the centre on a number of ocassions and the lads, and the dads, have all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
    Good luck for the future…….
    Mind how you go

  2. No, Brownhills Community Association, as I understand it, is not run by the council, but is an independent, mostly self-funding body. Read the introduction here.
    It appears the Association were in some kind of deal with Bear Creek, to run the Canoe Centre, which fell through. The Steering Group appear to be wholly answerable to the Community Associaton.


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