The curious incident of the crash in the night-time


Ouch. That must have hurt.

Does anyone know what crashed up  on the Rising Sun Island, Brownhills West, presumably on the night/morning of 23-24th February 2013?

Local @Weblefeck tweeted the following at 11:02am on Sunday 24th:

The local rozzers don’t seem to know, either:

I took a look up there this afternoon, and a vehicle has clearly progressed down the A5 westwards, overshot the island and ended up on the grass having wiped out the chevron sign.

Anybody know the score? Was it a cop car, or something else entirely? If it was a police vehicle, that’s the second accident in a couple of weeks.

Anyone who can help, please comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

[Edited 25th February 12:31am: I’ve had contact from an anonymous resident who’s pointed out that there were two accidents here, not one. At some point over the weekend, a car ended up on the island, as I speculated. It was not a police vehicle. What happened there is not known in any detail.

However, on Sunday Morning, a Police vehicle was in collision with a car doing a sudden U-turn agains it without warning. There were, thankfully, apparently only minor injuries. The resident said the fault clearly lay with the U-turning driver, not the police vehicle].


I’m not sure how this happens, but the damage is clearly fresh.

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3 Responses to The curious incident of the crash in the night-time

  1. Neil says:

    I’m not at all surprised that Police vehicles crashed at Lichfield Road, Rushall: Two Police cars went screaming past me at a very high speed on the wrong side of the road facing oncoming traffic (I was passing over the speed camera markings by the railway bridge at the time); they had their blue lights and sirens on but I was shocked at the excessive speed at which they flew past and their disregard for other road users. I appreciate the Police respond to emergencies but in my opinion the cars were being driven irresponsibly and I did wonder what would happen if they met an oncoming car driving on the correct side of the road. It didn’t take long to find out and seeing the carnage in Rushall didn’t surprise me; two of the Police cars had collided, the front of one of the cars was smashed up and there was coolant leaking onto the road. Another (non Police) car had crashed into a pedestrian barrier outside the shops; it looked like the driver had been trying to avoid the Police cars. Being able to drive at high speed is one thing, being able to stop is altogether more difficult…

  2. Warrington Cuthbert smyth. says:

    The cars and ambulance were parked outside the rising sun pub, and there was a civilian car on the other side by the crown with damage. Looked like the collision may have occurred while one or the other were turning from the A5 into the crown car park from the opposite carriageway? may be wrong, but thats where they were all parked.

  3. Tina says:

    There were cones there on the Friday night (22nd)…..

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