From strength to strength

Lucy Wood has been in touch to let me know about the sterling progress the Lichfield Scrap Barn’s shop at Chasewater Innovation Centre has been making. Lucy has put heart and should into making this very special community project succeed, and it’s something that I, and the wider local online community are fully supportive of.

Lucy sent the latest press release detailing half term activities for kids, offers and contact information such that you may help out if you’d like to.

This is a fine thing backed by the remarkable and wonderful Saxon Hill School in Lichfield. In the seemingly harsh and uncaring world we currently inhabit, it’s nice to see that these excellent people still give a damn.

540316_439382976073617_1222524719_nThe Lichfield Scrap Barn (CIC) has continued to see healthy interest since opening its doors at Chasewater Park in October 2012, Following a busy few months for the Lichfield Scrap Barn, we are very pleased to announce that we have some very exciting updates.

Despite the recent wintry weather, which forced several weeks of closures, Last week, The Scrap Barn saw its most successful week of trading since the store opened, which was a great boost to all our dedicated volunteers.

NormBm579459574_537532972925283_1676189963_oLucy Wood, The Scrap Barn’s Marketing Coordinator said ‘This development is so encouraging it’s nice to see something we have all worked so hard to get of the ground finally fly, we look forward to welcoming new and old customers time and time again’

Over half term The Lichfield Scrap Barn will be holding a number of special promotions for customers including half price on all Membership for one week only (18th – 23rd February 2012) as well as promotion on there new Rainy day Activity Bags, filled with arts and crafts for 2 children that incourages Children’s Imagination and are a great alternative to computer games!

These are £5, for this half term only when you buy a Rainy Day activity bag you will get a box of six colourful poster paints, usually £5, For half price.  The coupons for this event will be available online via our Facebook and our website


NormBm579475514_537534566258457_956194548_oWe have been in talks with many local businesses, who have shown an interest in working alongside us as suppliers who will help to keep the shelves at the barn stocked full of exciting materials for crafters.

If you would like to find out how we can help you dispose of your clean business waste please contact and talk to us.

And finally, The barn now has a landline number for all queries, you can call us on anytime on 01543 317 200  and we can now Skype businesses to hold meetings, meaning that anyone, including those who may have problems accessing face to face meetings can be involved in early decision making!

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  1. Ian says:

    Fantastic, and I would urge anyone to help.

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