Good news on the Avion conversion by Wetherspoons


This iconic former cinema isn’t to my personal taste, but it’s a unique building. Photo taken by John M and posted on Geograph UK under a creative commons license.

Great – and somewhat reassuring news reaches me from new reader Lizzie Eden. You’ll recall that last week, I was musing on the apparent suspension in two local building projects, the new Co-op store on Streets Corner, Walsall Wood and the conversion of the former Avion Cinema in Aldridge to a Wetherspoons pub. The latter has been particularly eagerly anticipated by Aldridge locals, who have been crying out for a decent pint in the town for years.

It seems the project is still ongoing. Lizzie had this to say:

Hi Bob

I recently wrote to Wetherspoons to find out what was going on with the Avion and received a very charming response. Apparently they did not sign the lease for the building until 30th November last as the owners were charged with bringing the building up to scratch. They hope to start their own work soon with a view to opening in May.

Bring it on!


Lizzie Eden

Thanks to Lizzie for that – this blog really couldn’t function without reader contributions, and they’re always welcome. Also, thanks for reading along, and please do feel free to have a mooch around.

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10 Responses to Good news on the Avion conversion by Wetherspoons

  1. Clive says:

    I hope it has a long and healthy life.

  2. patch1948 says:

    Good news indeed — looking forward to that decent pint

  3. stymaster says:

    Yep, good news. Aldridge is notably free of even half-decent pubs, in the centre at least.

  4. njhag says:

    Not normally keen on Wetherspoons taking over towns (just look at what it’s done to Willenhall) but if there is one place that needs one it’s Aldridge. Very few drinking places, hopefully the Backyard company can sneak a few of their fine ales in there.
    Hopefully it will be the more lively chain of Whethers too (do they call them Lloyds bars)

  5. Gwen says:

    The new Wetherspoons in Aldridge is due to open on Tuesday, 9th July. Good news indeed.

  6. andy newman says:

    i will be the manager there and are very fond of the backyard brewery ales so they will be on, we also do brewery trips to backyard brewery which we will set up when we’re all settled. looking forward to the opening

  7. Ms Hazel Louise Brooks says:

    I`m not a massive fan of pubs generally but if it takes one to save the best part of this former cinema then I say bring it on and good luck. Too many examples of this kind of architecture have disappeared already even a compromise plan such as this is most weicome.

  8. Kevin Carter says:

    What’s the latest on this? Does the work look near complete?

  9. stymaster says:

    Yeah, I reckon so. It’s due to open on the 9th (next Tuesday), I believe.

  10. Becky T says:

    Bob I’d like to meet you at the Avion and buy you lunch 🙂 name the day, time and bring your BIKE.

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