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Just before Christmas, I got hold of a new bike cam. It’s a GoPro HD Hero black edition, which has some pretty nifty features, including less distortion from the lens and better performance in low light. I’ve been using it ever since I got it, but the weather and dull commutes haven’t been conducive to decent ride videos.


It’s been a bit dark and damp for really decent footage, to be honest.

Despite the poor riding conditions, I’ve now thrown together three videos for all those folk who seem to like them. All three are normal speed. For best results, click on the little cog symbol in the bottom right hand corner of each video, select the highest resolution the video will run at on your connection, then click the little square symbol, near to the cog on the right. That’ll display the film full screen. to finish, hit ‘esc’ on your keyboard.

For loads more cycling cobblers, please visit my 365daysofbiking Tumblr journal.

The first is ‘Working up an appetite’ and features my Christmas Day ride down from Castle Ring on Cannock Chase, and back through Cannock Wood and down Hayfield Hill, on towards Chase Terrace. I think I maxed out around 40mph. I didn’t want to be late for lunch…

Sountrack: Talvyn Singh’s ‘Butterfly’

The second is ‘Headlights in the rain’, featuring my December 22nd return from Shenstone in the rain and darkening dusk, through Lower Stonnall, and over Shire Oak Hill to Brownhills High Street.

Soundtrack: Afro Celt Soundsystem ‘Whirl-Y-Reel’

The third is ‘Ford Perfect’, and records my Boxing Day ride, which finished in a clear dusk after rain. It starts on Hints Hill, down the old A5, and dives through Hints Village, to the Black Brook ford, which I was shocked to find was navigable by bike.

Soundtrack: Bluebells ‘Will She Always be Waiting’

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