Selfish idiots

This is just a short one, but it’s angered me so much I just thought I’d pass it on.

Readers will be well aware that on Christmas Day this year, there was a very nasty crash on the M6 between junctions 14 and 15. This crash caused the death of two young children and an adult travelling in the car. This resulted in the understandable closure of the motorway for some time.

M6 crash

A tragedy. There but for fate could go any of us. Image from AP.

Many folk felt sadness and distress that such an awful thing should happen at all, let alone on Christmas Day. I, for one, was doubly thankful to have my family safe and well around me, and felt sad for those involved. No parent should outlive their children.

Not so, however, the Staffordshire branch of the Alliance (formerly Association) of British Drivers. This odd pressure group – sort of The Mr. Toad wing of the Taxpayers Alliance – were upset that the deaths of three people should cause inconvenience to their (hotly disputed) membership. On Boxing Day, they tweeted:

Untitled 3

The Alliance of British Drivers demonstrating sensitivity and respect for the dead. Unbelievable.

Life is seldom fair, if it were, three people wouldn’t have died. The stupidity of this is unbelievable.

How damned inconsiderate of the authorities to properly investigate the death of three people. As Primly Stable asked, ‘Will you be moaning about the traffic jam caused by their funeral cortège going too slowly?’

In response to the storm of protest on twitter this generated, fate passed the morons a shovel, and they dug for victory:

Untitled 4

Presumably these people are experts in crash investigation.

This was a tragic incident, and I think anyone with a shred of humanity understands the necessity to investigate it properly and keep everyone safe in the process. The police and Highways Agency will have had no wish to delay anyone longer than absolutely necessary. I’m sure most of those caught in the queue would be thankful they were safe and sound.

The Alliance of British Drivers are no strangers to idiotic, ignorant pronouncements and, as far as I can tell, speak for nobody in particular other than their own selfish interests. Rob Gifford, Chief Executive of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety noted once that the ABD just ‘turn up at our meetings and make a nuisance of themselves.’

The Alliance of British Drivers are beneath contempt. There are many decent motoring organisations – like the Institute of Advanced Motorists for example – but the ABD have shown themselves to be crass, ignorant, insensitive and selfish.

I trust if any member of the ABD should (heaven forbid) come to an unpleasant end on the roads of the UK, the police will just bulldoze their remains off the carriageway and leave them there in respect of their views.

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4 Responses to Selfish idiots

  1. Rich Burnell says:

    Hear hear. I couldn’t believe the stupidity of those tweets. Accident investigation is a complex and thorough process, once the road reopens there is no going back for more evidence. It must be done perfectly first time every time. The buffoons behind this group need to do some homework and show some compassion.

  2. Couldnt agree more Bob. What a nasty organisation they are. As Rich above says accident investigation and coroners reports are very time consuming exercises and quite rightly so. The families need to understand why and what happened as well as the Police. The comments made by ABD lack knoweledge, compassion towards others. I hate to say this but I hope one day they expereince the true meaning of suffering from a road accident and see if they tweet the same then

  3. stymaster says:

    It’s immensley crass, insensitive, and ignoring the practicalities. What we had here was a single-vehicle accident, with no clear cause, and two fatalities. The car may have had a mechanical fault, the driver may have been at fault, or there may be another factor or factors: we plainly don’t know, and it would be wrong to speculate- which is precisely why a full investigation is needed.

    The ABD son’t represent me as a driver, just as the Taxpayer’s Alliance don’t represent me as a taxpayer.

  4. Mike Stackhouse says:

    Bet you don’t get a reply from an ABD member. No BALLS JUST CRAP (FULL OF IT)

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