Aggravated burglary in Brownhills: can you help?

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Poplar Avenue, Brownhills. Imagery from Bing! maps. Please click for a larger version.

I’ve become aware over the course of the last few days that there has been a nasty burglary incident in Brownhills, and the rumour mill has consequently gone into overdrive.

To attempt to help get the the message out there, I last night asked Walsall Police for a statement, and Supt. Kieth Fraser, Officer Kevin Pitt and press whizz Nicky Biddlestone all went out of their way to help, for which I’m very grateful.

Here’s what Walsall Police had to say:

Hi Bob

I can confirm that there was an aggravated burglary which took place at a house on Poplar Avenue in Brownhills on 23rd December [not 24th as reported earlier – Bob]. This involved four unknown offenders entering the property threatening the owner with a sword and knife.

They took the keys to the family car and made their escape in the vehicle. This was recovered later that day. The victim was not hurt in the incident and is currently helping police with their investigation.

As you are aware an offence of this nature is extremely rare in this area. I would be really grateful if you could reiterate this to your followers to reassure them.

Kind regards

Nicky Biddlestone

This is a very nasty incident indeed. Anyone who knows who these scumbags might be, or who has any information whatsoever is asked to call Walsall Police on 0345 113 5000 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

As Nicky said, this is a very rare thing in Brownhills, and residents are advised to not panic, but take sensible precautions. Rumours on social media that people have been seriously injured, or that there’s been a massive increase in armed robbery locally aren’t helping and are just making people scared.

For the sake of the family involved, please stay level-headed, and contact the police if you have any information at all. Brownhills is a close community and if we all keep our eyes and ears open, I’m sure we can bring these criminals to book.

My sympathy goes out to the victims of this awful crime.

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  1. Mrs. Janet Roberts says:

    Could you also give out the NEW NON EMERGENCY POLICE NUMBER OF 101. When the public ring this number it will only cost 15p instead of the usual expensive charge for the 0345 number. this is now a national number that can be dialed all over England to contact the police, even from mobile numbers.

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