Who was in this choir, where was it and when?

An image believed to be of Brownhills Choral Society – legendary and very successful, with the noted singer George Fullelove third from left. Image generously supplied by Margaret Yeomans.

Yesterday via Facebook, I received this wonderful image posted by friend of the blog Margaret Yeomans, who tells me this is a photo of Brownhills Choral Society and the chap third from left is the legendary George Fullelove.

Magaret wrote:

I came across this old photo today Mr Bob, I am sure it’s Brownhills Choral Society, it was taken in one of the methodist chapels.

There is another half to this photo but sadly I haven’t got it.

I think the third gentleman on the left is George Fullelove the choirmaster, he was my father’s cousin, my name was also Fullelove.

I can remember a lot of the choir even though I was only young. Quite a few of my family were members.

Thanks to Margaret for a splendid donation. From past images here (notably the tribute at Silver Street Church) I think that is certainly George, one of the most accomplished sons of Brownhills and a great singer.

David Evans has suggested this might be at the Wesleyan Methodist Church – can any of the people remembering those days help please?

I’m appealing for help here identifying not just the place, but the people in the photo and if possible, the approximate date too. Hoping perhaps Aer Reg, Sue Woodward or David Oakley might be passing and be able to help?

Cheers to Margaret for a great contribution!

If you can help, please do: Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Oct 1941 WL Observer…New Brownhills Choral Society…Members of the Brownhills Congregational Church Choir, who last winter gave a number of enjoyable concerts in the cause of charity, have now formed themselves into the Brownhills Choral Society, with Norman Wayne as president…(other names)…R Hammond, A Walker, Miss M Green, L Cliffe and Mrs E Stevens

    Now back in 1910 there was the Brownhills CS which had been inaugurated under Mr John Preece. In 1937 GE Fullelove presided over the Brownhills Wesleyan Methodist Choir annual meeting. So why was it new in 1941? Was there a difference?

  2. andkindred says:

    Two thoughts:
    1. Between the men at back right, I think the lady whose chin is obscured was my aunt Jessie Dennis.
    2. I wonder if, as Jessie was Park View, membership was broadened to include singers from a wider pool? That, at least, would explain a name change.

  3. Brian Clenton says:

    My mother Mrs Kathleen Clenton was. Contralto in the choir for many years but is not on this photo.

  4. David Evans says:

    I think the gentleman staning fourth from the left, by Mr Fullelove, is Jack Pierce and the lady wearing gloves, fourth from the right, front row is Rhyllis Cooper, I wonder what the special occasion was…
    kind regards

  5. aerreg says:

    front row UNCLE GEORGE JACK PEARCE ANNIE BREEZE RYLISS BOOKER on the back row center IVOR FULLELOVE DAVID FULLELOVE my dad others come to mind ALICE HOLYMAN DOUGH BIRCH i think bottom left is clive mitchell MRS LENTON back row right FRANK SEEDHOUSE this was part of my every day from child hood so many stories throuh the years and i cant sing a note yes my dad and all these wonderful choristers gave some mutch dedication and happiness he used to call it the KYER no i aint miss spelt it in his later years he would sit at lunch time in front of his black and white tv confinnce he would see the kyer at the welsh eistedford thanks for the memry again god bless

  6. aerreg says:

    sorry i miss spelt clenton didnt she also be a member of alice holymans to be polite senior chour it was known as the darby and joan in those days it also became renown again lots of old brownhils names come to mind MRS OSBORNE MRS BULL MRS HAYWARD my mother MRS FULLELOVE MRS PEIRCE
    and ime sure sure some of you younger folk can say my nan or grandad sang in that choir yes those were the voises of dear old brwnhills

  7. Derek Breeze says:

    My Mother peeping from behind the preacher, Annie Breeze

  8. aerreg says:

    it was common in those days for chorol singers to share fellowship on special concerts and services

    one tenner cmes to mind from the little chapel in brownhills west was BERT PLANT the chiors sang in difeerant groups there was the chapel chior the coop male voice as a lad i was taken round the various music festivals on the way back they would sing their favorite pieces a favourite by the male voice was COMRADES IN ARMS i have not heard it for many years in my mind i can still hear those wonderful baratones sorry if i have bored you but the mory lingers on blessyou all sorry for bad spelling i can talk the leg off an iron pot but ime no good at finger print

  9. Andy penn says:

    The lady right at the very front on the right had side looks so much like my Nan, Edna Penn, although this could’ve been before she married my grandad so could be Edna Andrews. I may be wrong but there is a uncanny resemblance.

  10. Andy penn says:

    My dad confirmed both my nan and Lady at the front (center) is my great nan Isobel Andrews, ( lees)

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