End of an era?

Thanks to the anonymous reader who flagged this up with me a couple of days ago. Further to our recent rumination on the matter of the former Royal Oak, at Bullings Heath, it’s been noted that the piece of land fronting Green Lane is up for sale. That’s not quite the full story.

What’s actually for sale is the whole site, including the former pub. Sale details can be found on the selling agent’s site, the agent being Paul Carr Estate Agents:

Click on the screen shot to visit the agent’s site.

There’s a sales brochure available for the site, too, which contains a site description and development statement by Walsall Council. You can view that by clicking here.

I wish the sellers all the best in their endeavour, and look forward to the next chapter of the history of Bullings Heath opening up. I’d like to thank Val, Ron and family again for allowing us to record the history of this historically fascinating building before it was lost. If only more folk were as considerate to our history.

I make this appeal to anyone engaged in the development of new projects, no matter where they may be: If you can, please take a few hours out to connect with your local historians who will make any effort necessary to record old buildings before their loss. It’s now easier than ever for folks like myself, David Evans or any number of local history enthusiasts to photograph and document a place, thus preserving it’s memory. This also works in favour of the developer, as it shows them to be thoughtful, considerate, and mindful of the community.

If you’re involved in such a project, please consider following the excellent example of Val and Ron. Due to their generosity, there’s now a permanent and evolving record of a part of history few of us suspected had existed. Thank you.

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  1. Caz says:

    Thanks for this Bob, it made interesting reading. Pleased to see that a bat survey will be done, as in the past we have seen what we believed were bats flying in this area. It is a lovely area to live in and anyone buying one of these future homes will love living there i’m sure. i’ve had pheasants, foxes and in the past hedgehogs coming into the garden and seen the occasional deer in the fields at the back. The only Drawback is the Blackcock bridge which is a pain to drive over and telling on the knees to walk over. thanks again , Caz

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