Reports of his death have been grossly exaggerated…

Hero on the half-shell? My last sight of the Chasewater terrapin was on May 10th, 2009. I think we all assumed the wee fellow was dead by now...

People who’ve been with this blog from the beginning will no doubt recall the terrapin, presumably a dumped pet, that lived around the Nine-Foot pool in the days before the Chasewater Dam Works. Often drawing a crowd when he came out to bask ion warm days, after a very hard winter in 2010 and the rebuilding, it seemed certain he was lost.

That was until today, when I read the Chasewater Wildlife Group’s daily diary. It reads thus:

Another quick look from the dam produced a Little Ringed Plover by the pier and another displaying over the Sailing Shore where 1-2 wind-surfers had parked their cars on the shore well away from the launch site used by the Sailing Club. There needs to be an agreed single access route to the water’s edges, otherwise the plovers will have little chance of success on this shore where at least 4 pairs bred successfully last year. 20 hirundines were over the main lake and 2 Willow Warblers were singing in the Nine-foot Pool area where removal of newt fencing has revealed the presence of several Smooth Newts and an immature Great Crested Newt. A recent night survey also proved the continued presence of the large terrapin that has been seen irregularly for many years (Graham Evans).

Graham, old chap, I know you’re reading this. You know how I love that terrapin. Please fill me in with some more detail… this is just too good to be true!

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4 Responses to Reports of his death have been grossly exaggerated…

  1. Graham Evans says:

    Hi Bob,
    I’ve updated the entry on the Chasewater Wildlife Group’s website in order to give a little more information about our teenage mutant terrapin!

    • Thanks, Graham. I’m aware of the potential damage, but it’s still a notable thing.
      What I was angling for really, was what proof did the survey team have that the tyrant terrapin was still extant? I’m having trouble working out how he survived, apart from anything else…



  2. Kerry Wilson says:

    Poor little creature. It is hard to realize how could the terrapin survive! But I’m glad to dicover tha he is still alive. Where could he hide for such a long period?

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