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From the Birmingham Post, Tuesday, 22nd November 1970. Click for a larger version.

I’m indebted to reader Tony Wynn, who’s supplied another fascinating piece in the Ralph Ferrie jigsaw. The above story, from 1970, rings a vague bell; we know that Ralph had a garage on or near the old Midland Railway sidings up on the common near the A5. This was broadly opposite the ‘entrance’ – Pool Road – to Chasewater. I’m sure someone mentioned it when we discussed this before, but I can’t find the reference.

Ralph clearly didn’t succeed, but I do wonder what happened to the collection. This larger-than-life character clearly amassed quite a collection of vehicles as well as quite a considerable empire, and it all seems to have just melted away. I’d love to know what happened, if any of this stuff is still around.

It’s also interesting in light of the Aston Manor Transport Museum moving to Aldridge, and the popularity of classic vehicle shows at Chasewater. Perhaps Mr. Ferrie was just ahead of his time. 42 years ahead, by the looks of things.

I’d like to thank Tony for his generosity in supplying this fantastic thing, and to ask anyone else harbouring such wonderful ephemera to please, please let me have a copy. Fantastic stuff.

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  1. john webster says:

    i kept mentioning the garage opposite pool road…my brother worked there for them…

    • Sorry, my fault, I didn’t word that very well.

      You provided excellent information about that. I meant I’m sure someone somewhere mentioned his plan to turn the garage into a museum.

      It was late, I was half asleep ;0)

      Cheers for all your contributions


  2. JeepBoy says:

    Verrry interestink ……… it seems that our local elected representatives spouting hyperbole is not a recent phenomenon ……………… A ten vehicle collection to rival the National Motor Museum is a tad over-optimistic to say the least !!

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  9. CATH says:


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